Healthy Blood Pressure: Control High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Control High Blood Pressure Without Drugs: A Complete Hypertension Handbook
Author: Robert Rowan, MD
Reviewed by Sam (

Dr Rowan has managed to write a very commonsense approach to hypertension and how to deal with it by not taking drugs. He uses in depth medical research and knowledge to show how you can prevent high blood pressure and how if you already have it you can lower it through natural means. At the heart of this book he wants you to work closely with your own doctor in developing a program which takes into account your age, physiology, weight and lifestyle.

From this book I learned all about this “silent disease” - a disease that will often give no warning signs or symptoms and he explains how it is only through medical tests that you can prove high pressure is an issue. There is a run through of alternative therapies to relieve hypertension, such as acupuncture and aromatherapy, as well as information on how diet and exercise can help.

I liked having a month of healthy menus provided, plus some additional easy recipes just in case, it took some of the hard work out of starting a new way of eating. I learned that these DASH diet meal plans are really popular with people who have hypertension and that there are loads of recipe books you can buy which follow the DASH plan. Dr Rowan's detailed pages on sodium in food and its impact on the human body was a bit of an eye opener – why didn't I know how bad salt was for me?

He also gives guidance on using natural remedies as safe and effective alternatives to prescription drugs. As well as explaining about fats, sugar, cholesterol and calories there is a wealth of information covered in five different sections: The basics, Your diet or your life, Your style of living, Hypertension drugs, and Shopping and cooking with high blood pressure. The second section was probably of most interest to me where he covered topics such as women and hypertension, and also how to walk your way to lower blood pressure.

Early on in the book Dr Rowan says: “You are your own first line of defense in the battle for your health.

If you get nothing else from this book but the stimulus to have you blood pressure checked regularly, you will have received more than your moneys worth”. It is the down to earth and non judgmental writing style that makes this such a great book.

It really is like an all you need to know handbook about high blood pressure and even includes a list of website addresses where you can go to for even more information and to keep up to date with current research and theory. This book is highly recommended.

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