Healthy Blood Pressure: Bringing Down High Blood Pressure

Bringing Down High Blood Pressure
Author: Chad Rhoden, MD; Sarah Wiley Schein
Reviewed by Adam (

This book has:

Immediate and long-term solutions
Fitness plans and stress management tips
Practical advice on nutrition
70 delicious and healthy recipes
Information on the risks and benefits of medications.

It is a very practical book that offers straightforward solutions to lowering blood pressure – and maintaining it. Like a lot of doctors, Chad Rhoden recommends following the DASH diet which is high in whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. This diet was developed by heart specialists and will not only lower you blood pressure but will reduce your cholesterol levels, and help you to lose weight - both of which are contributing factors towards high blood pressure. Heart disease kills over 1.5 million Americans each year, this book wants that figure to drop – dramatically.

This book explains that obesity, smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, not taking any exercise and eating high fat, high sugar, processed foods are all causing the US to have the highest levels of heart disease and stroke in the western world. But it also brings you solutions in the form of diet and exercise plans. It encourages you to give up smoking, cut back on alcohol, and it has some excellent stress management techniques which are easy to use whenever and wherever you are.

There is a section devoted to walking. It may seem like a strange choice of exercise but walking is the best way to exercise if you want to lose weight and keep it off. It requires no specialist training or equipment, and you can work up to a duration and intensity that works for you. Best of all it's free!

There is so much packed into this book. You can learn the secret nutritional benefits of super foods in combating high blood pressure and how to get your food addictions under control. It includes lots of good information on the blood lowering benefits of certain teas and herbs and spices. In fact it has all you need to know about high blood pressure and pre-hypertension.

It is a safe and easy to understand book that aims to lower high blood pressure through long-term lifestyle changes.

It deals with the things you can change yourself, like diet and exercise and it puts the control back in your hands, not your drugs. If you are serious about changing your life for the better then this is the book for you.

Also available as a Kindle edition.

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