Healthy Blood Pressure: 500 Low Sodium Recipes

by Marie

500 Low Sodium Recipes: Lose the salt, not the flavor in meals the whole family will love
Author: Dick Logue
Reviewed by Marie from Amsterdam

I already had one of Dick's other recipe books, 500 High Fiber Recipes, which I use all the time, so I was pretty sure I'd like this one too. It is a typical Dick Logue book, easy to understand and read, packed with detail and information about sodium and what it does to your body.
The one thing the author is very clear about is that just because your diet has to be low sodium it does not have to be taste free. A he explains there are all sorts of tricks to cooking low sodium foods without sacrificing any of the flavor.

Being just one of the 65 million Americans suffering from high blood pressure I am always looking for new ways of cooking and staying healthy so that I can manage my illness. Why take a risk with stroke and cardiovascular diseases? This book explained that excessive salt can lead to calcium loss and thus an increase risk of osteoporosis, and it can also lead to stomach cancers. I don't think my diet was very high in sodium anyway, but why take any chances?

The recipes are hearty and wholesome, and it doesn't feel too far removed from what we were eating already – in fact with the knowledge I've taken from this book I've even been able to go back and adapt some of our favorite meals – this time with little or no salt added to them. Because the recipes are familiar it isn't a chore to cook them, none of them take too much prep time and most are quick cook meals. They are not bland and boring because they have less salt, they are very flavorsome because Logue has been clever with his blends of herbs and spices.

There are hundreds of classic recipes that have been turned into low sodium versions of their former selves, such as casseroles and soups – it's about everyday table food, not fancy gourmet style meals that take you all evening to prepare!

Salt takes the lives of millions of people worldwide every year, so here is a chance to take some action! Buy this book and get started on your own low salt journey, I promise you won't regret it, and it will keep the whole family healthy. It really is an inspiring cookbook.

Also available as a Kindle.

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