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Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol

How would you know which 'foods to avoid high cholesterol' ? You might have heard this before about avoiding certain foods for the sake of mainting fat levels. There are many readily available foods like fruits and vegetarbles with plenty of fibre, that can be included in the diet and certain others to avoid, for good health.

Fatty Foods

We see a lot of advice everywhere to avoid fatty foods. It is best heeded. In the old days our ancestors could eat fatty foods and get away with it, because of the daily hard physical work that they did.

Crops in the old days were not sprayed with pesticides, they were organically grown in mineral rich soils and were more nutritious and thus had less chemicals or toxins in them.

Good And Bad Cholesterol

Our body cells do need cholesterol for normal functions but elevated levels in your blood stream is certainly a health risk. There are two categories of cholesterol: good and bad cholesterol. The good one is cholesterol that the body uses to build cells while excess of the bad cholesterol, subjects us to health risks.

To maintain normal levels of cholesterol in blood, you need to either avoid or select foods with low cholesterol content. There are foods which do not contain high cholesterol levels but raise bad cholesterol levels and must be avoided. Let us take a look at some of foods to avoid high cholesterol content.

Cholesterol Lowering Foods

  • Oats
  • Oat bran
  • Wheat bran
  • All brans
  • Triphala Tablets
  • Reduce Animal Fat

    Cholesterol is found in animal food products such as whole-milk products, butter, cream, ice cream, cream cheese, shellfish like shrimp, organ meats such as heart, liver, kidney, sweetbreads and brain, whole eggs, duck, and goose. Duck and goose have very high content of cholesterol inside their skin far more than that of chicken. If you have ever grilled these two bird meats you might have noticed the fat content. it is impossible to remove all the cholesterol from meat and therefore you should substitute your diet with other sources of proteins such as soy, beans, cow peas among others. Shell fish have very high cholesterol content. Shrimps in particular have the highest levels of cholesterol amongst seafood. While most of the omega-3 oils are extracted from sea fish, they have cholesterol and saturated acids which contribute to elevation of cholesterol in the blood stream.

    Go For Vegetarian Omega 3

    Substitute your sources of omega-3 oils with that from vegetarian sources. Flax seed oil, flax seeds. Nuts like walnuts and nut oils.

    Reduce eggs in your diet as much as possible. The recommended daily intake of cholesterol is 300mg for healthy people, but if you are diabetic, have heart disease or high cholesterol, the daily intake should be less than 200mg. One large egg has 213mg in its yolk way above the recommendation for people with high cholesterol content. Therefore, go slow on eggs.

    Dairy products are an important source of nutrients. However, whole milk and whole milk dairy products are rich in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. Skimmed milk is low in these nutrients and therefore safe for consumption. Go for fat free hard cheese, low fat or nonfat cottage cheese, and low sodium cheese. Frozen desserts like ice cream, fruit ices, low fat frozen yoghurt, sorbets and other desserts that have lower saturated fats should be selected.

    Avoid fried foods and desserts with high fat content. Some cooking fats are best avoided if you have high cholesterol levels in your blood stream. Coconut oil is good for cooking and olive oil for salads. Coconut oil can be heated to high temperatures unlike many other oils.

    Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol

    There are many foods to avoid high cholesterol and remember that the nutrients they provide can be found in legumes and other cereals. So select your food carefully in order to avoid high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

    Exercise Well And Then Eat Well

    The best solution in the end would be to be physically very active and eat well. When you eat well, you gain more energy and you will want to be more active, so it works both ways.

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