Foods That Speed Metabolism


Tip : Foods That Speed Metabolism break down fats and high cholesterol.


Seasonings are used by many people in everyday cooking and by expert cooks to add that extra flavor to dips and salads. They are used in many starters and do contribute to speeding up metabolism.

Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, chillies and pepper for example are popular seasoning ingredients which aid in hastening the digestive process.


Heat one teaspoon of oil (coconut oil or ghee). Then add half a teaspoon of mustard seeds, followed by some grated ginger, curry leaves and one dried red chilly. Cook for a minute or two. This combination, added to steamed vegetables, is amongst the best foods that speed metabolism.

Metabolism can slow down with age, if you are not very active and do not exercise regularly.

One of the greatest ways to fight excess weight is by improving your body’s metabolism. Improved metabolism means that the food you consume is quickly digested and the risk of accumulating fat is minimized. The good news for the person keen on a trim figure is that there are many foods that speed metabolism which are easily and readily available.

Yoghurt is a great food to speed metabolism. In India yoghurt is served at the end of a large meal to help aid in digestion.

Some of the foods in this category include breakfast meals like rolled oats, almonds and natural yoghurt. When these are taken in the morning, your body is equipped with carbohydrates from the oats as well as fats from the almonds. Other benefits to the body include a smoother digestive system as a result of yoghurt consumption.

Salads and spinach can also be included in the category of foods that speed metabolism - this is usually, only when the right salaad dressings are added. In addition, spinach has high antioxidant capabilities and while daily consumption good, taking it twice a week will work just as well. Whole-grain foods are also very helpful in speeding metabolism. Frozen or fresh berries also assist in addition to providing a sure source of antioxidants for the body.

Healthy Drinks

Drinks that assist in increasing the body’s metabolism include water, coffee and green tea - Not with meals, but in between meals ! However, it should be noted that while coffee is an ideal drink, it has caffeine which can be addictive. A small cup of coffee can be a good brain booster to begin the day and keep away depression. Depression which is like a lack of interest in life can lead to many deseases.

While seasonings are used by many people for flavoring, they contribute to speeding up metabolism. Pepper, for example, is a popular seasoning which aids in hastening the digestion process. This is because it contains capsaicin usually found in chilies which are not only ideal for increasing the rate of metabolism but also helps to boost the immune system. Tasty seasonings and flavorings that you could add to your cooking to speed up metabolism include tomatoes, garlic, spices and ginger.

Calcium And Fat Loss

Foods rich in calcium are especially ideal when you seek to improve your body’s metabolism. According to research, the amount of calcium you take is directly proportional to the amount of fat that you will lose. Calcium works by triggering your body to increase its metabolic rate. Whole grains are preferred metabolism improvers because they do not contain crazy spikes but release the needed energy at a slow rate.

Identifying the foods that speed metabolism is one thing – knowing how to consume them to achieve maximum benefits for the body is another. Also take large amounts of water between meals, to complement the intake of food.

Fortunately for those who desire to improve the body’s metabolism, most of the foods are available in retail outlets and are reasonably priced. It is also important to consult a medical practitioner or a nutritionist whenever you are in doubt about the foods you are consuming.

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