Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

We are including here the most easily available foods to Lower Blood Pressure fast and effectively. As always remember to be active and exercise regularly for blood pressure numbers to remain low.

Green Tea Miracle Antioxidants

Green tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols which are effective at fighting many ailments of the body, including high blood pressure. Long used in China, Japan, Korea and elsewhere as a remedy for everything from bleeding to flatulence, green tea is now appearing in many scientific trials as a potential preventative for cancer, heart disease and many other serious ailments.

Japanese With Hypertension

Despite having a diet high in sodium, the Japanese have a very low incidence of high blood pressure. This effect has been widely attributed to their love of green tea. The water in green tea helps to dilute the sodium in your body, and the chemical compounds help your body to regulate temperature, metabolize fat, reduce swelling, and lower blood pressure. When you're at home on the weekend, try substituting your morning cup of coffee for some green tea. Or tuck a few green tea bags into your work bag and try a cup at lunch.

Whole Grain Ideal Roughage

Everyone has heard that a diet low in fat and salt, and including lots of whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables can help you to lose weight, but did you know that whole grains are also an excellent food to lower blood pressure? Whole grains like oatmeal, wheat flour and even popcorn contain more of the fiber from the original plant. This 'roughage' takes longer for your body to digest, and so burns more calories and leaves you feeling fuller much longer than processed forms of grains (white rice or flour, for example). Whole grains also contain more potassium, which helps your body to counteract excess sodium to lower blood pressure. Not only will whole grains help you to lose weight, they will also help you to lose some extra sodium, both of which are great ways to lower your blood pressure.

Unsalted Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds, like most nuts and seeds, are a delicious and healthy addition to any diet. They are especially important as a source of iron and protein in vegan and vegetarian diets. Because they contain higher levels of potassium, and are easy to keep on hand, sunflower seeds are one of the most convenient foods for lowering blood pressure. Keep some in your car for a quick snack. Try sprinkling them on your cereal, adding them to yogurt or to sugar-free chocolate pudding, or mixing them with raisins and cereal squares to make trail mix.

Baked Russet Potatoes

Potassium, which helps to maintain a proper balance of sodium in the body, is also abundant in potatoes. When eating at a restaurant opt for a plain baked potato instead of fries or mashed potatoes, and ask if they offer light sour cream or salsa for a healthy and delicious topping.

High Fibre Hummus

Another tasty option, when eating at home, is to add hummus to your baked potato. You get the double benefit of the potassium loaded potato, and the high-fiber chickpeas. Many fast food restaurants now offer baked potatoes, just be sure to stay away from high-salt and high-fat toppings like cheese sauce and bacon.

Enjoy every step on your way to radiant health with the most easily available foods to lower blood pressure.

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