Sattvic Food To Lower Blood Pressure

Sattvic food to lower blood pressure ? First let's discuss what sattvic food is. Sattvic food is food that helps to calm the mind and relax the body. It is consumed by yogis and those interested in having a calm mind to practice meditation. Sattvic food includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, herbs and dairy products. Notice that sattvic food does not include hot spices like chillies, it does not include meat products nor processed foods. It includes the above which is freshly cooked and consumed right away and not the foods that are kept overnight. Sattvic food combined with a little bit of yoga practice can do wonders in reducing hypertension.

Here is a story from my friend Elisha. She says she was always in awe of her yoga tutor, her health and vitality, her energy and her calmness, even the way she carried her body. She was unflappable! And when Elisha found out her age she was astonished, she looked like she was in her mid-30s when she was really a 56 year old grandmother of two!

So Elisha had to know her secret, so arranged to meet her for a drink at their local juice bar.

“Elisha wanted to know my secret to good health,” said Rana. “So I explained that I followed a Sattvic diet, sometimes called the Yogic diet. This is a way of eating and living that leaves me feeling, calm refreshed and mentally alert.”

Rana told Elisha that the Sattvic diet was all about eating foods which gave life and strength rather than leaving you feeling sluggish and tired.

"I told Elisha that the diet was more than the sum of its parts," explained Rana. "It is not just about the nutritional content of the foods but about the way they make you feel – pure good foods carry a life force we call prana, and certain types of food contain better prana than others."

Rana said that when she was younger she was taught by her own yoga teacher that a Sattvic diet combined with yoga quietened and calmed the mind and kept your body healthy and fit.

"I was taught to listen to my body and mind and to learn how different foods affected my well-being," said Rana. "I began to notice which foods left me feeling slow and tired, which ones overstimulated me and which ones stopped my mind from clearing."

Pureness of foods was something that was very important and I discovered that Rana only ever ate organic foods (At the coffee shop she had an organic herbal tea!). She ate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and she was also a strict vegetarian.

"Most of my meals contain whole grains, pulses or legumes," she said. "Which all help keep my blood pressure down and my cholesterol levels normal. A Sattvic diet is known as a cooling diet, because it calms and nourishes."

The Sattvic diet and way of life certainly suited Rana, and so E tried to do as she suggested and listen to her body. Consequently E also now only eats organic foods, and  prepares her food with love. E uses honey or raw sugar to sweeten her food and drink rather than chemical sweeteners which made her sluggish and clouded her mind. And caffeine and red meat no longer pass her lips!

Thanks to Rana and the Sattvic diet Elisha feels wonderful. Her skin is clear, her mind is clear and her body and health feel great. Her blood pressure is normal as usual and will encourage her to continue this way as a great lifestyle change with healthy, organic, sattvic food to lower blood pressure or keep it lowered.

So a sattvic diet is one that does not make you feel heavy, it does not agitate the mind and in fact it calms the mind. So this is a good choice of food to lower blood pressure - a sattvic diet, preferably organic and combined with yoga. This does help to keep the mind peaceful and the body healthy.

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