Food That Lower Blood Pressure

Food that lower blood pressure ? The good news is that it includes all fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains, seeds, herbs and spices. Most ill health is when the intake of food far exceeds the exercise the body needs each day. So though nature has blessed us with an abundance of good foods, eating foods of the season, eating wisely, being active and exercising daily can lead to good health. Here we will discuss the fall seasonal foods of North America that can contribute towards lowering of hypertension.  

Fall is the season when traditionally we would have prepared ourselves for the dormant months ahead. Although not strictly necessary in this age, but if you are a farmer, it is the time for storing any surplus produce you may have – as a way to save money and as an environmentally friendly method of being able to eat foods that are technically out of season. Anyway, foods that you find in the fall ranging from chilli peppers to pumpkin seeds are of great medicinal value to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.  

By fall, the seasons have almost come full circle. Apples, pears and sweet potatoes are now ready to be harvested and stored over winter. Fresh beans can be dried for the store cupboard and any of the last soft fruits can be frozen.

Herbs are often at their best at the beginning of fall, they have had the hot summer to draw all of their essential oils into their leaves and so they are at their most potent and flavorful now. You can freeze or dry any you have left over to use throughout the rest of the year. If you chop up the leaves and freeze with water into individual ice cubes you can just add them later to any foods or sauces while you are cooking.


Okra is still in season, as are apples, turnips and carrots. Chilli peppers have come into season on the west coast and the southern states. Zucchini is nearing the end of its season, it makes great pickle if you have a glut from your vegetable patch. The September equinox marks the beginning of longer nights and shorter days. Make the most of any fresh fruits and vegetables now while they are still abundant.


Lima beans, peppers, potatoes, brussel sprouts and of course pumpkins are all at their best. Halloween brings with it the traditional Jack O'Lantern, but don't waste the flesh, use it to make soup or a low fat pumpkin pie recipe, and you can also dry and toast the pumpkin seeds (pepitas) for a healthy snack that is ultra high in zinc, magnesium and amino acids. Pumpkin seeds have been proven to lower high cholesterol levels.

November Food That Lower Blood Pressure 

As well as anti-oxidant, super food called pumpkin, there are pecan nuts, beets, cabbage, broccoli and collard greens in abundance. It is as though nature has been saving up all her most healthy produce for now, beets have a great natural blood pressure lowering ability due to their high levels of nitrate. Some doctors prescribe beetroot juice as part of a low blood pressure diet regime - just 500 ml a day has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce hypertension.

Some heart healthy vegetarian recipes that can be made this season include:

pumpkin soup

vegetable chilli with brown rice

hot apple and cinnamon compote with oatmeal topping

sweet potato and okra curry

mixed nut loaf

carrot and sunflower seed rissoles.

Food that lower blood pressure during season include plenty of super foods, which consumed wisely with daily yoga can lead to health and vitality. I cannot stress enough the benefits of yoga. Just do it continuously for 40 days and you will know what I mean.

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