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Food For High Blood Pressure include seasonal foods that are welcome by the body due to our connection with nature.  Let us discuss some summer seasonal foods of Europe.Summer in southern Europe is one of the greatest times of the year. With so many varieties of fruits and vegetables all at their peak this is when the Mediterranean diet really comes to the fore.

For thousands of years this simple diet of fresh vegetables, whole grains, oily fish and vegetable oils has kept generations of Mediterranean families free from heart disease and hypertension. It is a diet many people across the world try to emulate – it has cholesterol lowering ingredients and can significantly help to lower high blood pressure.

Olive oil is the wonder food used in Mediterranean cooking, there is a growing body of evidence which suggests the anti-oxidants in olive oil can reduce LDL cholesterol, and that they also have anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive qualities. The Mediterranean diet is low in saturated fats, high in fiber, legumes and unrefined whole grains – it is the perfect high blood pressure diet!

June Seasonal Food For High Blood Pressure

The list of seasonal foods this month reads like a recipe – courgette, aubergine, onions, fennel, tomatoes, broad beans and runner beans. Soft fruits include gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries and if the weather has been mild, blueberries. All of the delicate salad crops are now readily available - salad leaves, lettuces, radishes, cucumbers.

For the next 5-6 months southern Europe is awash with all of this fantastic produce. The glut of tomatoes and courgettes means it is an ideal time to make up batches of tomato sauce and freeze ahead for the winter months.

July Seasonal Food For High Blood Pressure

This month sees chillies, artichokes, mangetout, garlic, peppers and sweetcorn added to the list of seasonal foods. Figs, peaches, lemons and blackberries ripen, and basil, rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme are full of intense flavors.

August Foods For High Blood Pressure

All of the above foods remain in season, but now we can also include some Asian vegetables such as pak choy and kohlrabi. The hot days and warm evenings mean picnics and al fresco dining becomes the norm. Tables are laden with the most flavorsome fruits and vegetables – this is the most perfect month of the year, when all of the very best and most healthful crops are in season simultaneously.

Some heart healthy vegetarian recipes that can be made this season include:

bean and tomato salads


salad leaves dressed with olive oil and lemon juice

vegetable stir fry and noodles


vegetable skewers (courgette, onion, aubergine, garlic, tomato)

arrabiata pasta

spicy salsa.

So the above mentioned are mostly seasonal foods of Europe. Make sure to switch to a seasonal diet as much as possible and see your health improving. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and freshly made food good for health. Nothing can beat the pleasant aromas arising from your own kitchen. So eat great and healthy food for high blood pressure which can be found in your local market.

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