Bellicon Exercise To Lower Blood Pressure

Fun exercise to lower blood pressure? A trampoline? C'mon, you're kidding me? How about bouncing your way to a healthier lifestyle? I've just bought myself a Bellicon Mini Trampoline - advertised as being the world's best rebounder. Which is quite a hefty claim to make from this German-based company, but after putting it through its paces I can categorically say that I am in absolute agreement.

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But to be honest I wasn't convinced until I started looking at the facts. Did you know that even NASA thinks rebounding is one of the best exercises you can do? And regular exercising is a major step towards lowering your blood pressure. Improving your cardiovascular system as well as the added benefit of achieving a steady weight loss can make all the difference to a person suffering from hypertension.

For more information on Bellicon rebounders

United States readers click here and other worldwide readers click here

Exercise to lower blood pressure with a Bellicon

The Bellicon is perfect for indoor exercising in the privacy of your own home, it is compact and can be folded away when not in use. So you can even exercise while watching your favorite TV shows. This has to be the best trampoline I've tried in a long while.

How The Bellicon Rebounder works

Instead of old-fashioned springs, Bellicon use bungees that can stretch to three times their size. Its these bungees that give the rebounder trampoline its bounce and smooth quality; instead of jarring your body every time you hit the bed, they absorb and cushion your joints from heavy impact. Not only that, the bungees also do most of the hard work for you! With each bounce your body will experience g-forces followed by a moment of weightlessness as you are rebounded up into the air. As you hit the bed every one of your 638 muscles flexes for a fraction of a second; in the air they all relax again. It's this continual flexing and relaxing of your muscles that gives you a full body work out.

The Bellicon is designed for moderate workouts, which makes it an excellent product for weight loss. Moderate exercise is enough to encourage your body to go into fat-burning mode, so you don't have to work all hours to shed those extra pounds. Remember, even just a 10% drop in your body weight can be enough to lower you blood pressure.

Exercises To Rebound your way to fitness

You don't even have to let your feet leave the trampoline to feel the benefits. The Bellicon rebounder mini trampoline works so that by exerting just enough force to push the bungees down you still get a workout. Start with small bounces and work your way up, don't push yourself all at once, its a surefire way of becoming frustrated and giving up. After mastering the bounce, you can use the Bellicon for jogging, you won't even have to leave your front room, and your joints and back will thank you for the low-impact exercises.

Testimonials For The Bellicon

Teri Porter, London : This is the best mini trampoline I've ever had! The bungees make all the difference. On my last one I always felt an ache in my ankles and knees after exercising, but not any more. Great, I love it!

Debra McKinney, NY: For years I've suffered from severe mobility issues due to my weight. I bought the Bellicon as a last resort and did not really expect to see any significant results, in the past I've bought steppers and exercise bikes - all sorts of home gym equipment - only to give up using them because they were too difficult (and boring) to use. When I first used the rebounder I couldn't even get my feet off the bed and I could only manage 2-3 minutes in one session. Now I'm 30 pounds lighter, I can do a full 10 minutes bouncing twice a day, and I feel as though I'm going to get my life back. And I'm 63 years old!

Barbra Marshall, Wisconsin: After I had my second child I suffered from really bad muscular spasms in my back and found exercising quite painful. I read about the Bellicon online and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did, my back pain is so much more manageable, the trampoline has improved both my muscle strength and my posture.

Isaac, Portsmouth: Buy one. They rock.

I'm really pleased with my purchase, it takes up hardly any space in my home, and I use it regularly. My joints feel great and I've already lost weight! Any form of exercise to lower blood pressure can be beneficial, but when they are this much fun it's easy!

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