Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure

Easy To Do Exercises

Attempt some fun and easy exercises to lower blood pressure. There is no way out ! Exercise done regularly can improve overall health and also elavate ones mood.

There are many simple to do exercises to lower blood pressure. Just remember that they must be done everyday. Regular physical activity strengthens all the muscles of the body including the heart muscles and makes it easier and easier with time.

There is no specific choice of exercise that will bring down blood pressure but nearly all exercises can definitely lower high blood pressure.

Daily Exercises

Many daily activities such as taking stairs to your office, walking and gardening or rigorous house chores should help in you do it.

Extra activities like cycling, aerobics, jogging and swimming are beneficial.

You do not need to do rigorous exercises to lower blood pressure. Simple daily activities are enough, provided they increase your breathing and heart rate, as your main objective is to increase the flow of blood within the cardiovascular system.

Walking And Jogging

Walking and jogging are some of the free exercises to lower high blood pressure. When you walk or jog, the muscle tendons become relaxed, your heart rate and breathing improves sharply, blood flow through the cardiovascular system increases and the rate of burning cholesterol rises. This is the reason why you are advised to go up to your office using the stairs and jog as often as possible.

Yoga To Lower Blood Pressure

Simple yoga poses can go a long way to lower your blood pressure. Yoga relieves stress and tension both in the body and mind. Please try to learn basic stretches and get the functioning of your body right.

There are several books and self help guides to perform yoga. Once you master the technique, you should do it everyday especially in the morning to set your day on the right mode.

Exercises and breathing

Breathing is controlled either voluntarily or involuntarily. Voluntary breathing is when we control breathing as we desire whereas involuntary breathing is reflexive. Air is drawn from the atmosphere by your lungs and oxygen in the air is exchanged for carbon dioxide from the body. This oxygen is essential for survival as it is used to burn nutrients and produce energy. Its levels in the blood stream correlates directly with general physiological activities in the body and the rate of absorption from.


The lungs have large residual volume such that when we breathe, not all air is exhaled and there remains carbon dioxide. If your breathing is shallow, the exchange of gases in your lungs is reduced incredibly and this deprives your body of the much needed oxygen.

Increased breathing exercises improve the amount and rate of oxygen assimilated in the lungs. Regular exercises will ensure that nutrients like cholesterol and sugars are burned efficiently and that blood pressure is maintained lower.

The benefits of physical exercises are not limited to high blood pressure alone. They help in reducing the risk for heart disease, stroke, arthrosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. This way cholesterol is burned much faster than it is deposited.

Many people do not know that they have high blood pressure because it has few symptoms in its early stages. Should you find out that you have it, immediate measures should be taken to bring it under control. If your blood pressure is above 180/110, the first thing you should do is to seek medication and thereafter engage in regular physical exercises.

While exercising remember to drink plenty of water as our body needs to stay hydrated to keep blood pressure levels normal.

Among the many other health benefits of drinking water it also helps to detoxify every cell of the body keeping our energy levels high.

So drink plenty of water and choose exercise to keep high blood pressure at bay !!

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