Exercise Reduces Stress

Make It Fun

"Why I love Swimming" : A personal account.

Exercise reduces stress.(Editor's Note: this exercise along with Yoga, naturally reduces stress.)

I began to learn swimming as a child, under my mother's instruction. She was and is a keen swimmer, having earned a medallion in her youth. My sisters and I were keen to learn, because we enjoyed being at the pool, and at the beach on holiday.My first success was to stay afloat on my back. I went from there to doing a reasonable front crawl. Then I was able to learn back stroke, and finally a passable breast stroke.

Health Benefits

As I grew up, I realised that there are several health benefits to be gained from swimming. The chief benefit is the use of many different muscle groups – a good overall "workout" - while the weight of the body is helpfully supported by the water, reducing strain.When my blood pressure rose during a stressful period in my working life, I resolved to do more swimming. My routine would be to go to the local swimming pool once or twice each week. On each visit I would swim at least 800 m (a half mile). I would vary the stroke, doing all the swimming strokes I know, to give a good balanced workout.My swimming contributed to a greater health, and in combination with a better diet, my blood pressure was reduced over a period of several months.

Feel good

Another very important aspect of swimming is the "feel good" factor. Swimming releases noradrenaline in the brain, which produces a very special sense of physical wellbeing.The benefits of swimming to my overall health have continued. Whenever I go swimming, I feel the same sense of wellbeing.

Poem - Inspired By Exercise

Exercise reduces stress with the deep relaxation that comes from it, and can inspire the writing of poetry. This poem was written about my experience of swimming at the New Jersey Shore.

Touching the Atlantic/ James Johnston

As I lunged headlong into its warmth,

So I mused upon this ocean's past:

The divide between old and new,

A separation affording comfort,

A witness to the quest for freedom,

Great surf pounding wind-swept shores.

Embracing me, albeit roughly,

While I thought of old ships lying wrecked,

Long since savaged and unsalvageable;

Feeling the urge to battle out further,

Only to hear the nannying lifeguard's whistle.

The ocean seems so vast, its horizons unbroken,

But all around me are invisible connections:

The paths of the great silver birds,

The tracks of fibers binding businesses,

Seeking to shrink this global village pond;

While here, on its western edge, I feel so small.

There is definitely a joy to be gained through swimming, and an especial exhilaration can be experienced when swimming in the sea (if it's not too cold !).

Overall, I want to recommend swimming to everyone. Swimming is fun for all ages, and will definitely improve health and help reduce blood pressure when done regularly. Have fun and be healthy and know that exercise reduces stress !!

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