Exercise to Lower Blood Pressure

Exercise Regularly

As the title suggests, do regular exercise to lower blood pressure. Now everybody knows this. Don't you? The hard part is to get motivated and stay motivated - to exercise everyday.


My gym experience in Amsterdam

I joined the gym recently to try it out and find out how they do it and why it can be good for you- and to write about it ! I was quite impressed. You get a free session first, with a personal trainer. They ask you questions, take your weight and blood pressure, and then they will outline a program just for you ! The trainer does stay around for the next hour to help you move from one machine to another, introducing you to each one. The words are from Dutch English.

Gym Exercises

Cross Trainer

Here is what I was given to do. First the cross-trainer for fifteen minutes. This is like a warm up session where you increase the levels after every five minutes - and keep to certain speeds. This is quite a work out for a first timer 


Then the bicycle for ten minutes. The level is adjusted after five minutes.

Leg Curl

I was given the leg curl to do next. It helps to strengthen the legs and also works on the abdomen muscles.

Chest Press

After the leg curl, came the chest strengthener, adjusted to my level of strength. I had to hold on to the handles and stretch my arms out to the sides and bring them back to the centre again.

Lat Machine

Abdominal Crunch and Rotary Torso

A good one to strengthen the abdominal muscles and reduce your waist.

Loopband or Treadmill

This comes last.

It is amazing that after an hours workout, I had no muscles aches. I was perfectly fine the next day. They do know their stuff ! and I was back to get a membership and have regular workout. It is motivational and you get to meet a trainer after a couple of works and change things round a bit if needed. Joining a gym can be quite motivational, as you are surrounded by others who are there to workout with a goal in mind. So my advice is, do regular exercise to lower blood pressure, and joining a local gym is a great way to get started !

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