Eye Exercise For High Blood Pressure

Eye Exercise For High Blood Pressure:

Eye exercises are the simplest of exercises and have numerous benefits. They can improve eye sight as well as relax and calm the mind instantly and thus able to reduce high blood pressure. We have touched upon eye exercises before and here we will explain in detail how to do them. I always include these eye exercises while teaching yoga positions for beginners.

These eye exercises work like magic really. It will bring you to a meditative state of mind in a very short time. All the mental energy which was scattered far and wide will be forced to come back and focus from right within you, to just the distance your eyes can travel. So let's have a go! 

First of all find a comfortable place to sit or stand and facing a wall. You do not have to be too close to the wall and you will be more comfortable if you are seated. To start, bring your awareness to your body. Observe your body and observe your breath. Whether sitting or standing, gently straighten up your spine. Drop the shoulders and relax them. Relax your arms and facial muscles. 

When you've relaxed yourself, you may move on to starting with the eye exercises.

Eye Exercise For High Blood Pressure

From now on, keep the body perfectly still while you do your eye exercises. Keep you head still and all that moves are your eyes. Make sure you are comfortable and do not strain your eyes.

Up and down Excercise

Look straight up at a spot and hold your gaze for a couple of seconds, close the eyes and open and move your eyes down.

Looking  down at a spot, hold your gaze there for a couple of seconds, close yours eyes gently and open moving your gaze up again.

This can be repeated upto 10 times.

Exercise For High Blood Pressure

Left & Right Exercise

Again making sure you are perfectly still and shift only your gaze.

Look to the left, hold, blink and shift the gaze to the right. Hold blink and shift the gaze back to the left. Repeat ten times.

Exercise For High Blood Pressure


Look up to the left, blink, and shift the gaze down to your right. Blink and shift the gaze back up to your left. Repeat. ten times.

Then change and do the opposite direction.

Look up to the right. Blink. Shift the gaze to the bottom left. Blink and shift the gaze back up to your right. Repeat ten times.

Full Circle

Move your eyes upwards and then in a full wide circular movement to the right, like drawing a big circle - then down and then to the left. Continue upto ten times and then repeat the other way.


When finished with these eye exercises, rub your palms together for several seconds and then cup your palms over your closed eyes. Hold this for a minute and then relax your hands.

Exercise For High Blood Pressure

So these very simple eye exercises can be done every morning, and soon you will begin to see the benefits. 

Since we are discussing the eyes let me throw in a few more tips to keep the eyes healthy.

Remember to clean the eyes upon waking, every morning.

Face the early morning sun with closed eyes for 5-10 minutes.

Blink as often as you can, as this is good for your eyes. 

For a cooling effect, soak cotton wool in rose water and place over the eyes for 10 minutes.

Thin slices of cucumber can also work wonders when placed on tired eyes. It is like placing rich mineral water on the eyes.

Ayurvedic eye doctors recommend having one glass of carrot juice every day. You may include celery with carrots before blending. Carrots are good for the eyes and can help prevent high blood pressure.

Ayurveda diet in general is good for your eyes, your overall health and for lowering high blood pressure.

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