Exercise and High Blood Pressure Solutions

It is a fact that exercise and high blood pressure do not go hand in hand. Exercise regularly and you cannot have high blood pressure ! Do not exercise and the risk of raising your blood pressure is higher as you age.

Do Regular Exercise for Healthy Blood Pressure

With regular yoga practice or any exercise, your blood pressure stays at a healthy normal rate. There are times when it can dip below normal, but this is also ok as long as it is at a healthy low. Regular exercises strengthen all the muscles of the body including the heart muscles.

Exercise regularly and Lower Blood Pressure

Motivate yourself to exercise everyday and watch the blood pressure go down. With exercise, the whole system gets healthier, the blood vessels and muscles of the body. This reduces the strain on the heart and eases the flow of blood. Start becoming more active and watch your blood pressure go down. When you continue exercising you will be able to keep your blood pressure constantly down. Begin right away to watch the results unfold.

Instead of seeking medicinal and artificial help to reduce mild high blood pressure, try some simple forms of exercise and high blood pressure will become lower over time, without flooding your body with unwelcome chemicals. The standard treatment for high blood pressure is ACE inhibitors, but with its use come the risks of high potassium levels, headaches, drowsiness and coughing. Drugs like ACE inhibitors don’t always work and often if they successfully lower your blood pressure, you will be stuck taking them because your body cannot cope without them.

Yoga Exercise For High Blood Pressure

Instead, simple and gentle exercises will help you lower your blood pressure naturally without chemical intervention. Yoga is a traditional form of disciplined exercise that originated from India and which is often used to lower blood pressure naturally. It does this by improving individual parts of your life and routine which when combined give an overall benefit that will help your blood pressure and health.

Yoga focuses the mind and calms you, which helps regulate sleep patterns and avoid insomnia, which has been proven to raise blood pressure levels. It is also a gentle form of toning exercise that will strengthen muscles and help you lose weight. This will gradually strengthen your heart muscles and raise the amount of exercise and physical activity you are capable of in a day.

Try a few poses such as ‘the camel’ and ‘the corpse’, which require complete concentration and balance that focuses the mind in a form of meditation. This kind of gentle stimulation of various parts of your body will stabilize the nervous system and create a balance which will calm you, rather than taking medical alternatives that will stifle and manipulate your body.

When we are physically active, and eat healthy food, there is little chance of getting high blood pressure.

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