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drinking water daily

Of all the natrual cures, drinking water and weight loss may be the simplest to follow – and also the least appreciated.

Water prevents and helps to cure: Angina, Arthritis, asthma, Back pain, diabetes, Heartbearn, Migraines, Colitis and High Blood Pressure

Given that your body is mostly water, it’s only natural that managing that water content is one of the highest priorities that your body has. However, it can only manage what’s there – and this is the link to drinking the right amount of water, managing your weight (and your fat) and as a consequence your blood pressure.

Water is your body’s priority

Here’s what happens. When you drink the right amount of water, and possibly avoid drinking other fluids such as coffee, alcohol or fizzy drinks, your kidneys benefit from the internal flow and do their job properly of removing waste products and balancing chemicals in your body,helping to produce red blood cells and vitamin D, and also helping to control blood pressure. But to do that, they need the right amount of water. If they don’t get it, they won’t function properly. Thus drinking water and weight loss is not so much a miracle.

Why the fat accumulates

Your body being the marvelous bio-machine that it is still has a solution if the kidneys can’t function at full capacity. It calls upon your liver to help out. Your liver now has a time management problem, because it’s supposed to be getting on with its own work, including that of converting fat into energy. If it doesn’t have as much time available for this conversion function, then the excess fat you take in will just have to be stored (meaning in rolls of flab) until things change – and if they change. Instead of drinking water and weight loss, you’re now into weight increase.

Drink water to banish flab

They can change, if you drink more water. Your kidneys work better, your blood pressure balances better, your liver gets back to its real job, and your rolls of flab (OK – your “stored fat”) starts to be converted into energy. All of this explains why you may already be eating and exercising correctly, but you just can’t get rid of those little pockets of fatty resistance. It’s simply because you haven’t been drinking enough water. It’s also interesting to note that experiments show that subjects who drank two glasses of water before a meal ate less at that meal.

Don’t dehydrate with other liquids

It’s water that you need for this. Good, old-fashioned drinking water with the normal amount of minerals and no other additives will do the job nicely. On the other hand, alcohol and coffee are not so good because they both tend to dehydrate you. As a diuretic, coffee literally makes you want to go to the bathroom, your water content goes down, your kidneys start to have a hard time… you get the picture.

Drink Water - Avoiding flabby and cranky

Whether it’s just those ‘finishing touches’ in eliminating specific bits of paunch, or whether you have embarked on structured weight loss program, drinking the right amount of water and continuing to do so remains important. The initial effect of many weight loss programs is a loss of water in any case, so you’ll need to replace it. Water is also key to getting rid of the toxins that are generated when your body burns calories. So drink water like you should, or you could end up both flabby and cranky. And tired as well, because dehydration means that your total blood volume goes down and so does your oxygen supply to your muscles and your brain.

How much should I drink?

If you constantly have to go to the bathroom, then be aware first of all of the stage that you’re at. In the first stage of drinking enough water, the extra water coming in your body tells it that it can start to get rid of the ‘emergency’ water that it was carrying around in case of an emergency. So in the early stages of re-establishing optimal water intake, expect to go to the bathroom more.

Can you drink too much water?

In theory, yes, but rather like it being possible to breathe too much air. You really have to stubbornly overdo it, and the common sense in most people will tell them a long time before that it’s time to stop for a while. Thereafter, your body should balance things out. Check the color of your urine when you go. Ideally, it should be pale and clear. If this is the case, and you’ve gotten back to a ‘normal’ frequency of trips to the bathroom after drinking water and weight loss, then you’re probably on the right lines for water intake, fat control and balanced blood pressure.

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