Diet To Lower Blood Pressure

A diet to lower blood pressure just needs to follow some common sense guidelines. It is Back to nature – for radiant health. 

I'd always had a nagging doubt that part of my ill health was down to the food I ate. When I hit my early thirties I began to suffer from all sorts of allergies – pollen, dust and cats to name just a few. I also started to become intolerant to certain foods, gluten and dairy being the worst.

For fifteen years I cut out all dairy and gluten from my diet, but then I developed hypertension and I decided at that point to seek some help from a nutritionist.

"Being allergic to so many things always makes me suspicious," said Marcia, a nutritionist from Washington. "Especially when intolerances first appear later on in life. So I suggested that we tried a two-fold approach, firstly trying to find a suitable diet that would help reduce Gillian's blood pressure, and secondly a diet that would help to control her other allergies."

Marcia started off by putting me on a very restrictive diet of brown rice, steamed white fish and leafy green vegetables such as kale or spinach. The one very important proviso being that these foods should all be totally fresh and organic.

"After two weeks we slowly began to introduce more varieties of fruit and vegetables," explained Marcia. "Certain foods are known to increase inflammation in the respiratory system, dairy and animal protein are good examples. When Gillian ate milk or dairy she found that her nose and sinuses became blocked and full of mucous, so we wanted to gradually introduce these foods to help her build up a tolerance to them naturally."

Marcia's approach to introduce 'that which makes you ill' in very small quantities until you build up a natural resistance has its origins in herbal medicine. In fact this approach of building up a tolerance to certain foods through exposure now has mainstream medical acceptance.

"“I don't know what triggered Gillian's intolerances," says Marcia. "And we probably never will find out", but after many months of gradual dietary monitoring Gillian is now fine with gluten and some dairy - she is better with goats milk and cheeses rather than cows milk.

"It has always been my belief that pesticides and chemicals in the food chain are one of the main causes for the explosion we now have of food intolerance and allergies in the western world. Eating a diet of unprocessed and natural foods is a practice everyone can benefit from."

Because my diet is now mostly vegetarian and rich in pure, organic natural foods such as whole grains, pulses and fresh fruit and vegetables I've not only cured my food allergies but my hypertension is also under control. Going back to nature and eating food the way God intended us to ear it has changed my life. So the bottom line, to follow a diet to lower blood pressure, is to eat foods that are less processed, whole and fresh from nature.

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