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Diet And Blood Pressure with spring seasonal foods of North America. Maybe it was just fifty years ago or could be longer, say one hundred years ago, when people people grew their own vegetables and herbs and ate off the land. Or maybe they just bought locally grown fruits, vegetables and other groceries that were sold in the local markets. This way they consumed only what was provided by nature and meant to be consumed in that particular season. So the body was naturally taken care off. Today we have the advantage of buying groceries grown are far afield as Sicily or Morocco or some small town in India or Sri Lanka. However, it is wise to choose seasonal foods as much as possible to keep blood pressure down and the body in good health. Organic seasonal foods have just the right quantity of certain minerals that the body might need just then.

Spring comes late to the far north-east and the mid-west, during March these states are still relying on the rest of the US for their seasonal foods. But come April and almost every state in the US has seasonal produce in abundance.

Diet And Blood Pressure 

If you have strayed a little in your healthy eating plan over the winter, now is the time to make a fresh start and be inspired with the new season's range of fruits and vegetables. As with all seasons though, you can still make use of your store cupboard ingredients, especially dried pulses and beans which are a rich source of whole grains. It is not really difficult, if you start reducing the amount of processed foods in your diet, and buy fresh and locally grown, you are more than half way up there on your way to better health and lower blood pressure. Processed food really changes and weakens the structure of the cells in the body, which in turn leads to high blood pressure.

A vegetarian diet rich in whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits is the most heart healthy way of eating and cooking. Your risk of developing hypertension is decreased, and if you already have high blood pressure then by following a vegetarian diet, based on the DASH diet plan, it will help to lower your blood pressure naturally.


Spring greens, Swiss chard and many other varieties of leafy green vegetables are all in season now. In the south cantaloupe and peppers are ripening fast, while the western sea board has citrus fruits such as tangerines, kumquats and grapefruit all in season. Fresh peppers are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants and can be part of the daily dose required for the body. So here's a chance to choose a variety of foods for a diet rich with the right minerals for a healthy body with lowered blood pressure.


This is the month that asparagus is at its best, a natural diuretic with anti-inflammatory properties this delicious vegetable is a great health booster. Lettuce, spinach, arugula, scallions and other delicate salad varieties can be bought now, as well as the first strawberries.


Now we are heading into summer and soft fruits are available in greater abundance – apricots, cherries, peaches. Summer squash replaces the winter varieties and corn, cucumbers and tomatoes start to ripen. The weather is warmer and brighter and the first outdoor meals of the year start to take place.

Make good use of salad vegetables and berries towards the end of this season – these are high in anti-oxidants and are also great anti-inflammatories. Variety in your diet is key to maintaining a healthy body and mind, when seasonal produce is combined with whole grains and low fat dairy foods you will get all of the vitamins and nutrients you require to stay fit and well. There is no one food alone that can keep blood pressure down, but a healthy combination and varieties can do the trick.

Seasonal - Diet And Blood Pressure Recipes:

Some heart healthy vegetarian recipes that can be made this season include:

warm beetroot salad with walnuts

asparagus soup

sweetcorn sweet and sour with brown rice

griddled Swiss chard and asparagus with roasted summer squash

bulgar wheat and citrus salad with mint leaves.

Diet And Blood Pressure

So do 'follow your season', and observe how the body gets plenty of the right vitamins and minerals, especially if you eat organically grown foods.  

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