Dash Eating Plan

Dash eating plan : This is a flexible plan and was compared with two other similar eating plans in the NHLBI or National Heart, Lung and Blood Pressure sponsored research studies. Blood pressure is a health issue with many and people struggle to keep it under control with diet, exercise and medications. One of the best eating plans found to be very effective in lowering high blood pressure is the DASH or the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension plan.

A study was done aimed at researching on the effects of diet on blood pressure. This diet showed promising results in lowering blood pressure. Dash diet plan is designed to include specific dietary modifications:

  • Vegetarian protein like whole grains, nuts, seeds and beans
  • Focused on low fat or fat free milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruits
  • Low in cholesterol, saturated and total fat
  • Contains lesser sugars, sweets, beverages and red meat
  • Advantages of following this diet

    One of the most significant advantages of following the DASH diet plan is reduction of high blood pressure. This dietary plan includes common foods you find in grocery stores and is therefore easy to follow. You can choose from different food groups and include daily servings that depend on your calorie needs.

    Healthy lifestyle with the DASH diet

    High blood pressure can be effectively controlled and prevented by following the right DASH diet plan and making certain healthy lifestyle changes that include being active physically, maintaining a healthy weight, refraining from smoking and consuming alcohol and making the right eating choices.

    If you wish to lead a heart healthy lifestyle, the book DASH Eating Plan by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Pressure Institute provides you with a valuable insight on how to go about it. It offers an insight for the overweight on how to lose weight in a gradual manner by reducing the daily calorie intake.

    Following the diet plan advocated in this book, it is possible to lose up to two pounds a week with ease. The dash diet also helps you keep the shed pounds permanently away.

    Physical Activity

    The book also lists out the benefits of being physically active as you follow the diet plan. The authors say that just sixty minutes of aerobic activity of moderate intensity is a week is enough to provide you enough health benefits. They advocate walking as an effective heart healthy exercise.

    Healthy Food Choices

    It is important also to make healthy food choices as a part of this diet. Use less salt or sodium to prepare food. You can unleash your creativity and try out spices, herbs, vinegar, lime, lemon and salt free seasonings.

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    Read the book also to find out how exactly to start the dash diet plan. Start with making diet related changes few days a week in the beginning. The book by NHLBI guides you in your efforts and helps you make a few necessary adjustments and changes. This book thus effectively motivates you to get rid of high blood pressure and lead a healthy, happy life.

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