Dash Diet Guidelines: Your Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure With DASH

by Peter

A book brought out by the NHL&BI who were the first to bring the Dash Diet to the world

Your Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure With Dash
Author: NHLBI
Reviewed by Peter from Boulder

When my doctor told me I had to do something about my blood pressure or in a few years I might be needing to take medication, I decided to act fast. I bought this book because it said it was a guide to the DASH eating Plan, what I didn't realize at the time, but was very grateful for, was that is was written by the scientists, nutritionists and doctors from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, who were the first to bring the DASH diet to the attention of the world.

This guide is a good introduction to blood pressure and the DASH diet, and as it is only 56 pages long it isn't impossible to read in just one sitting. It gives such an excellent overview of the DASH diet, I understood what it was all about very quickly. I like the fact that it summarizes all the basic information so you don't have to read through pages of unnecessary stuff trying to find the bits you are interested in. It explained that to make the diet work you had to change your eating habits and exercise more. It also showed how medication could affect hypertension, and how your heart health can be compromised by having high blood pressure.

There are a lot of recipes for heart health included in this small book, but I'm quite good at making up and following my own recipes, so I just needed some guidance about how to do this – and that is exactly what this book has done. I have adapted a lot of my old recipes so they now include more fresh vegetables and whole grains, I found that switching from using refined white flour and white rice to brown and wholegrain varieties was really simple.

If you want to follow a particular DASH diet plan, then as well as giving details of the DASH experiments which were conducted during the research phases of this program, it also gives advice on which are the best DASH diet plans to choose to suit your lifestyle and medical history.

I would say, that if you only bought just one DASH diet book then it should be this one. It gives you all the facts without any of the hard sell and marketing, and it was written by the experts.

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