Dash Diet Guidelines: The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure

by Thomas

The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure: How to Use Magnesium to Help Prevent & Relieve Hypertension Naturally
Author: Jay S. Cohen, MD
Reviewed by Thomas (healthy-blood-pressure-tips.com)

When my friend suggested that my high blood pressure may be down to magnesium deficiency, I really thought she was joking. But as I was already on medication I wanted to find out more. I knew that taking medication for high blood pressure only relieved the symptoms not the causes, and I was more interested in the possible causes of my condition.

I was pleased to see that Dr Cohen also said diet, exercise and lifestyle should be taken into account, but that magnesium deficiency should also be treated alongside these other more mainstream ways to reduce blood pressure. If he had just said all you needed to take was a magnesium supplement I would have chucked his book in the trash.

Dr Cohen writes in a scholarly, yet infinitely understandable manner, he does not trounce all over the medical community with his views, he merely puts forward an alternative to taking medications which may have some uncalled for side effects. In the book you learn how to reduce high blood pressure with magnesium. I know it is not specifically known to be a DASH diet book, but it certainly falls line with the principles of healthy eating to lower blood pressure.

You learn how to eat the right foods with traces of magnesium. The author goes through all of the different types of magnesium supplements and suggests the right dosage and product for your particular condition – I found out that leg cramps can also be caused by magnesium deficiency.

The products are cheap and the best thing is that so far they have been successful as well. A month after starting to take my magnesium powder, and through eating foods with a higher magnesium content my blood pressure is starting to fall – under my doctors supervision I've even begun to reduce my blood pressure medication.

I think it's a shame this isn't a more well known treatment because I honestly believe this book is a must read for all physicians and a must have book for anyone who has high blood pressure. It is an excellent book to help reduce blood pressure and stress naturally and not through drugs.

The print version of this book is a small pocket sized paperback, it is also available as a Kindle.

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