Dash Diet Guidelines: The DASH Diet for Hypertension

by Anne

Written by the Chairman of the steering committee that created the Dash Diet. Dr.Thomas J.Moore

The Dash Diet for Hypertension: Lower Your Blood Pressure in 14 Days – Without Drugs
Author: Thomas Moore, MD
Reviewed by Anne from Chennai

The author of the DASH Diet for Hypertension, Dr Thomas Moore, is also the Chairman of the steering committee that created the original DASH diet. So when he says you should, “Pick out fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins that can be simply prepared at home (therefore avoiding) prepackaged foods", then you know he really means it. He explains the scientific theory behind the diet and gives a method of calculating your body mass that is really easy to understand.

The American Heart Association recommends this diet because of its emphasis on fresh vegetables and fruit, and low fat dairy products. In a study of 800 participants on this diet, it was proven to lower blood pressure by as much as taking a typical medication could. Dr Moore explains how the diet works in a much more coherent and understandable way than any doctor I've ever visited, so it makes following the plan a piece of cake.

The book includes a selection of two weeks worth of DASH menus, and 62 recipes. Dr Moore has even provided grocery lists to make your shopping trips less stressful - and the contents of your basket more healthy! There are some weight-loss and exercise plans that have been put together which are suited to everyday living and are not dependent on having an expensive gym membership! I've been able to up my exercise by thinking about how I can fit more walking into my daily routine – now even in a store I will take the stairs instead of the elevator, just adding a little bit of exercise here and there makes so much difference.

This is a must have book for every home – it includes sections on how to include more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet and how to love the food you eat through making a conscious effort to change the way you think about food. I never thought I would be able to cut back on my red meat and my take-aways, but reading this book made me understand why I should. And that knowledge gave me the strength to succeed.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has high blood pressure. Who wants to be on lifelong medication when what you should be doing is thinking about your diet?

Also available on Kindle.

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