Dash Diet Guidelines: The Best Diet on Earth

by stan

The Best Diet on Earth: Ordinary Foods With Extraordinary Powers
Author: Linda Levy and Francine Grabowski
Reviewed by Sally (healthy-blood-pressure-tips.com)

I hate dieting, so I was instantly drawn to this book because of the interesting approach the two authors have - they say: “Don't do it!”. Both Linda Levy and Francine Grabowski have a no nonsense attitude to food and diets – which is what I love. This also shows in their writing style which is chatty and informal yet still manages to maintain a level of expertise that makes their diet plan stand out from the rest – you feel as though you are being spoken to directly and are an important part of their world.

They say that you should not follow a strict diet but that you should follow a lifetime healthy eating plan and eat well all the time, not just when you are on a diet! The theory sounds great, you cut out high-fat, highly processed foods and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables (they say 5 portions of each daily), have more whole grains in your diet, go for low-sodium options, move about a bit more – and the weight will come off on its own! This isn't a quick fix weight loss program, it is a way of educating yourself to eat healthily for the rest of your life, so it is all about lifestyle choices and building a good long-term relationship with your food.

The authors explain how by eating healthily you can lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol effectively. It is a very upbeat book, full of words of wisdom and little poems, it is such a great read while being informative at the same time.

The introduction says why it is a good plan to follow and then it moves on to show you how to implement the plan. There is also a chapter on eating patterns and how to eat healthily when you are out and about and are not eating at home – which I always find difficult.

As well as all of the information, there are also 40 healthy starter recipes as well. Knowing that Francine Gabrowski is a registered dietician and educator gives the book a bit more weight academically, you know you are not being fed a fad!.The information is based on the solid scientific foundations of the DASH diet plan. If you like your reading light but informative then this is an excellent choice of book.

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