Dash Diet Guidelines: Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure

by Caroline

A Readers Digest Book

Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure: Featuring the DASH-Plus Plan
Author: A Readers Digest Book
Reviewed by Caroline from Cork

As you would expect from a Readers Digest Book, this has some stunning high quality color photos, there are over 200 pictures and more than 300 recipes. With the focus on delicious flavorful food every recipe also includes a note on the nutritional value, some handy cooking tips and even some ingredient substitution ideas.

It is a big heavy duty cookery book – for food lovers! I bought it to get some recipe ideas after my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and there are some great tasting meals, I don't even think he realizes he is eating healthy food! We have some favorites that we come back to most weeks, but there are so many different recipes we are still trying a lot of them for the first time. They are also easy to follow and don't require any specialist cookery skills (which is lucky as I don't have any!). We have even cooked some of these for our friends and they have all commented on how tasty and filling they are.

The ingredients are very clearly listed and they are also easy to find in the supermarket. I hate having to search markets and farm shops for exotic items that most places don't stock! The recipes use a huge variety of herbs and spices to add flavor, because they are all low-sodium. I have started to grow some of these in pots on my windowsill – so I know exactly what has been sprayed on them (which is nothing, they are organic!).

There is even a section at the back of the book that explains what high blood pressure is in an informative way without being patronizing. We have found that by following the DASH plan and using recipes from this book we have both lost weight, and my husbands blood pressure and cholesterol levels have come down as well. Now we just have to concentrate on an exercise plan and we will be sure to see his blood pressure reduce even further.

This book follows the ancient principal of 'eat tasty food' and really 'enjoy' the food you eat. Which is also my way of thinking. After all, we all know the way to a man's heart is through is stomach! If you enjoy your food and don't want to compromise on flavor then this book is highly recommended. It proves you don't have to eat tasteless bland food to lower your blood pressure.

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