Dash Diet Action Plan

This page is all about the great benefits of a dash diet action plan. Many people are already into this wonderful diet that is proven to lower blood pressure. So, lets see what there is in it for you to take advantage of, in this easy to follow diet.

One of the best resources for hypertension is this book with the special diet. It provides readers with in-depth information on all aspects of this diet. By reading this book, you will be equipped with enough knowledge on how to go about it in the best possible manner to ensure optimum results. Marla Heller is indeed an authority on this diet plan as she is a qualified dietician with a Masters degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition. She specialized in Behavior Sciences and Health Promotion after completing her doctoral in public health from the University of Illinois. She has a wide experience in nutrition counselling specialties.

In May 2003, when Marla Heller was diagnosed with high blood pressure, she decided to follow the dash diet and combined it with regular exercise. To her amazement found her pressure dropping back to normal in a short period of time, never to return again.

To help others benefit from the diet as she did, she was inspired to make an Action plan. Dash diet is a healthy lifestyle plan that helps lower blood pressure without any medications. If you wish to achieve and maintain your target weight and lead a healthy lifestyle even as you lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, follow the diet plan prescribed in the book.

As you read the book, which is written in an easy to read format, you will find that the dash diet action plan helps improve insulin sensitivity apart from reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. This diet plan includes much more than diet plans that are based on low sodium and low salt.

This action plan lowers blood pressure through a diet that incorporates vegetables, fruits and non-fat dairy. You can find all this information and more in The Dash Diet Action Plan. Read this book and you will be able to develop a complete plan that is focused on enhancing your health through diet and exercise. This book is now available in an easy to download eBook version.

Some of the prominent aspects featured in this book that is of great help for those looking to lower their blood pressure and cholesterol includes – A 28 day meal plan that is adjusted for calories, practical strategies and tips to follow the dash diet easily Easy way to incorporate an effective exercise regime to your daily routine Weight loss plan based on DASH Adjustment of DASH diet for those with conditions like metabolic syndrome and diabetes Low sodium DASH diet plan Reach health goals with lifestyle changes Developing step by step strategies that are customized to your individual needs Setting objectives

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This is a 224 page book that comprehensively covers everything you need to know about this proven and effective diet regime. Get rid of your blood pressure and cholesterol! Lead a healthy, happy life! Reach out for this wonderful book that guides you through the process and leads you towards a positive lifestyle.

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