Celery To Lower Blood Pressure
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Celery has long been known as one of the best foods to lower blood pressure. It is an excellent source of organic sodium a good substitute for salt.

Food like celery to lower blood pressure ? Yes, celery is rich in vitamin k, which prevents hardening of the arteries. Hardening of the arteries is a common factor in heart diseases.

Add celery to soups and curries for added flavor.

Celery contains an active ingredient called 3-n-butylphthalide which is responsible for reducing blood pressure. Celery contains a unique oil that relaxes the muscles that regulate blood pressure thus helping to lower blood pressure.

Celery also has a tranquilizing effect and is good for people who are stressed. Since stress is a contributor to high blood pressure, use of celery helps by reducing stress levels in the consumers.

Celery Helps Detox

Another benefit of celery is its cleansing effect. The accumulation of toxicants in our bodies plays a direct role in causing high blood pressure and other diseases. Consumption of celery, which is 90% water, helps to get rid of excess fluids in the body. This is achieved through the plant’s ability to stimulate the production of urine and therefore to cleanse the body.

Celery Juice

Combine a few stalks of Celery, with Carrots for a healthy drink.

Using celery is more preferable to the use of diuretics (water pills) that are sometimes recommended by physicians. The water pills have been known to deplete the body of potassium which is critical for the function of the body cells. When celery is used, the right combination of potassium and sodium is achieved and this makes it better than the water pills.

Celery in moderation..

While consumption of celery to lower blood pressure has been going on for centuries, it is best to consume it in moderation. The beneficial effects to the blood pressure are not in doubt but there are concerns about the high amount of sodium that celery has. Sodium, as we already know, increases blood pressure Use Celery To Lower Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure continues to be one of the most talked about diseases because of the huge number of its casualties. People who are aware of the complications that high blood pressure brings try to mitigate its harmful effects by trying solutions such as eating celery to lower blood pressure.

For centuries the Chinese have used celery as a means of reducing hypertension. Corroborative evidence from research scientists has shown that celery actually works. In one of the studies it was established that four celery sticks, can reduce blood pressure by up to 12%.

Salt Swap

Celery being an excellent source of organic sodium, has a slightly salty taste and can substitute salt in soups, curries, juices and more.

Celery contains an active ingredient called 3-n-butylphthalide and this is what is responsible for reducing blood pressure in a person. In the treatment of hypertension, some medications require the use of an enhancement and celery effectively plays this role.

The ingredients in celery help to complement the medication administered making them not only effective but also reducing the amount of pharmaceutical drugs needed. For this reason excessive consumption of celery could be harmful. Evidence on the pros and cons of celery consumption is not conclusive and until we have enough scientific data to go with, moderation is advised.

Celery is easily available in most countries, so it should not be difficult to find and consume.

Use of celery to lower blood pressure will achieve its objectives only when supplemented with an appropriate change in lifestyle. An active lifestyle marked by regular physical exercises is recommended as is the avoidance of harmful products like tobacco and processed greasy foods.

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