Main Causes of High Blood Pressure


There are more than one leading causes of High Blood Pressure.  Here are some of the factors to watch out for.

To start with, it is important to understand that high blood pressure is caused by a combination of various factors which could include physiological, psychological or pathological reasons.

Most of the time, the direct causes are not known or specified, but they are generally related to diet, stress or physical unfitness among others. In the case of secondary type of hypertension, it is easy to map the cause of the condition.

Can Your Diet Be A Cause For High Blood Pressure?

The biggest culprit is diet. Most people do not observe proper diet and eventually find themselves with this condition. Hypertension is closely related with dietary factors such as the level of sodium in relation to potassium, magnesium content, fiber, simple carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol and total fats.

Sodium is very important in regulation of body fluids. However, elevated levels cause high blood pressure. Lower your level of salt in food and do not add. Eating food rich in potassium helps to bring high blood pressure down. Avoiding those foods with high fat and cholesterol content is the next wise step you should take.

Would Alcohol and Tobacco Cause High Blood Pressure ?

Moderate drinking of alcohol is not so bad for you. However, excessive alcohol, can cause high blood pressure in a complex way. This is through its influence on the adrenal system, as alcohol has significant influence on adrenaline. Nicotine found in tobacco products, also temporarily raises blood pressure. It causes constriction of blood vessels thereby increasing blood pressure. Quitting smoking might not be very easy, but it is definitely worth doing.

Emotionally stressed?

Avoid being emotionally stressed. This type of stress will temporarily increase the level of your blood pressure. High blood pressure associated with emotional stress is not long lasting and simple therapies should bring the pressure down to normal. This includes relaxation, meditation and yoga.

Having too much caffeinated drinks?

Just like stress, caffeine temporarily causes elevated blood pressure. Some people however develop tolerance to caffeine and thus high blood pressure is not sustained.


OCDs (over the counter drugs) and many prescriptions either cause or exacerbate high blood pressure. Take inflammation drugs like nonsteroid antinflammatory drugs for example. They have antiprostaglandin properties which contribute greatly to raising blood pressure.

Weight and Exercise:

Lack of exercise in your life is just as well life-threatening. Exercise improves blood circulation thereby helping in reducing blood pressure. Persons who do not exercise their bodies miss on this natural and easy way of maintaining normal blood pressure. Being overweight contributes to high blood pressure. Exercise and proper diet should help you loose some weight. Putting on more weight than we need to is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. So watch the waistline !

Diabetes :

Diabetics are prone to high blood pressure. Having diabetes also increases the chance of developing high blood pressure because it does affect the blood vessels by hardening them, a condition referred to as atherosclerosis.


Age on the other hand plays a role, whereby the older you become, the less you exercise, and that is the single most likely cause of high blood pressure.

The above mentioned are just some of the many causes of high blood pressure.

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