Calories Burned Walking To Lose Weight

Your own experience will show the calories burned walking and this does not need any other proof. You can walk your weight off.

Calories Burned Walking - Fast Walking Helps

For best results: Eat Healthy. Walk More. The number of calories burned walking depends on two things – your weight and walking speed. When you walk at a speed of two miles per hour, for example, you burn fewer calories than a person of similar weight who walks at a speed of three or 5 miles per hour.

To make your walk meaning, it can be done with a goal. Hand out fliers of your favorite charity or Yoga Centre.

If you weigh 140 pounds and walk at a speed of four miles per hour you will burn fewer calories than a person who weighs 170 pounds walking at the same speed !

The only way to make the burning of calories work for you for the long term is to develop a specific walking program and to stick to it. It has been established that walking at three miles per hour, a person weighing 235 pounds is able to burn close to seven calories every minute. The secret to making walking beneficial is to gradually walk longer distances. If you walk for one hour each day for a consecutive five days, the number of calories burned would be 2100 for a single week.

Calories burned Walking

Start with short distances and gradually increase. With a regular walking routine, positive and longer term benefits will become evident. The 'calorie-burning' benefits of walking should encourage more and more people to take up walking to assist them in their weight loss endeavors. Walking is an endurance exercise and strengthens the heart, and all the muscles of the body. Walking improves stamina.

Walk A Mile...

After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile _English proverb

Walking is such a great and non-strenuous way of fighting excess weight, so to keep fit, consider walking... The benefits that walking affords are not fully appreciated by many and that could be the reason why the number of people taking walking as a serious exercise is not as high as it should be. Unbeknown to many people, walking provides a perfect avenue for the burning of calories.

While some people believe that the more strenuous exercises like jogging, running and lifting weights are good for calorie burning, they are not aware that the intensity associated with those other sports does not necessarily make them better than walking. On the contrary, the intensity of these activities make it impossible for most people to pursue them for a long time meaning that you might end up burning less calories than you would have done if you walked.

Walking does not exert the body like these other activities and a walker is able to carry on exercising for a long period.

Weight and calories burned walking

To stress the point again, your weight is an important factor. So do not compare with others. The number of calories you burn is directly related to your weight. A heavier person can burn more calories than their less weighty counterparts. Walking for long periods of time will show quick results for someone who weighs more.

I have been on several hiking trips in the himalayas. It is a great and magical way to lose weight fast. There are several trails that are not steep, but quite flat and can take a whole day to walk. That is another secret. Long walks that take all day.

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