Caffeine and high blood pressure.! Every time I organize a yoga or meditation course or retreat, I have to remember to gently remind participants to avoid coffee or any drink that contains caffeine. It has long been banned in Ashrams and Yoga Retreats.

Coffee might be the first drink you pick up as you sit down at your desk in the morning. 

Drinks with caffeine are consumed to keep alert. It also keeps the mind racing with thoughts. It makes the heart beat go up and you may even be able to feel the heart pounding. This does not seem to be the ideal state of mind for meditation and hence the ban.

Caffeine And High Blood Pressure

Thus it does not need scientific study to show that caffeine is not recommended for those of you who have high blood pressure. Why add fuel to the fire? 

You will especially be aware of the effects of coffee when you have not had some for a while. Coffee is one drink with high levels of caffeine. Different types of coffee have  caffeine in varying levels.

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