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Here are ideas to choose from cheap and natural low blood pressure treatments and lifestyles with no bad side effects.We will focus on nature cure as the natural and best blood pressure treatments.

Perhaps the greatest news for people suffering from low blood pressure or hypo tension is that nature has provided an abundance of cheap and easily accessible natural cures. Some of the cures for this condition will not even cost you a dime!

Eat Your way to better health/Nutrition rich diet

The range of natural foods that you can use to treat low blood pressure is so vast that we can only mention a few guaranteed cures here.

Fruit diet

Nothing rejuvenates your whole body and helps fight hypotension better than a fruit diet. For people diagnosed with the condition, it is recommended that they embark on an exclusive fruit diet for at least the first five days.

After a while, this diet should be supplemented with other heart healthy foods including as many fresh vegetables. Milk, nuts and grains play a great complementary role to the fruits you take.

One of the leading foods for low blood pressure - one which everybody can prepare and take at home - is beetroot. It is recommended that hypotension patients take a cup of beetroot juice at least twice a day. Beetroot has such enormous efficacy that positive results are seen in less than ten days.

The Himalayan spikenard herb is another effective cure for low blood pressure. You can enjoy this heart healthy herb in a number of ways. You could, for example, take the herb with boiling water. You simply add about twenty grams of the herb in about 250ml boiling water to make a cup of a very nutritious and potent drink. Alternatively, you could take a few grains of the herb, together with cinnamon and camphor.

Blood pressure can be normalized by the consumption of foods that stimulate the production of adrenalin. Make sure that your diet contains adequate proteins as well as vitamins, especially vitamins B and C.

Physical Fitness

Physical exercises, some of which you can undertake on your own without the need to go a gym, are an ideal way to deal with low blood pressure.


For the elderly, a daily session of light walking can greatly improve the condition. Other physical exercises which could immediately remedy hypotension include cycling (which you can do on a stationary bike in your bedroom or outdoors), swimming and jogging.

Breathe fresh air

People suffering low blood pressure should avoid polluted environments, and try as much as possible to stay in surroundings that have a good supply of fresh air. Enjoy as much sun as you can, and engage in breathing exercises.

Do breathing exercises/pranayama

I will be including some via free e-mail downloads. Certain breathing techniques can instantly raise blood pressure to normal levels.

Be Happy

A happy lifestyle and an optimistic frame of mind are recommended for people suffering low blood pressure. The best way to be happy is to make others happy. In addition to avoiding work that over-exerts the body, you should also seek to avoid negative thoughts, pessimism and all kinds of worry.

Epsom salt baths are another effective natural way to treat low blood pressure. By immersing yourself in a bath of hot water which has Epsom salts, your blood pressure rises significantly. It is recommended that an Epsom salt bath is taken just before going to bed.

Low Blood Pressure treatments in Nature Cure Centres These nature cure centres are great places to be in. You not only get rid of a disease, but go through a complete detox, and lose weight. Soon, I will be mentioning a few nature cure centres, which I know of personally.

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