Blood Pressure Diet Winter Foods

Blood Pressure Diet with winter seasonal foods of North America. Here we discuss with special mention, foods high in magnesium which contribute towards lowering high blood pressure. It is especially beneficial for anyone to eat foods 'of the season', as the body assimilates this food more easily.

North America is a vast continent, which means foods in season in the south-west are still a few months away from being in season in the north-east. But with great transport networks, and because the US exports very little of its own home grown produce, it is possible to draw up quite a comprehensive list of seasonal foods.

Winter can be quite a difficult season to source the more delicate soft fruits and salad vegetables. It is a season when thoughts turn to warming winter soups and stews, so remember to make good use of any dried pulses or legumes you have in your store cupboard, and flavor your meals with warming herbs and spices.

And just because you are limited in your choice of fresh organic vegetables during winter it doesn't mean you have to resort to processed foods – with some imagination and clever cooking your diet can be just as healthy during this coldest season as it is all throughout spring or summer.  

Hypertension and high cholesterol does not go away just because the temperature has dropped – in fact it is probably more important than ever to take special care over your diet. When you feel cold and seasonally depressed it is too easy to fill up on quick fix fats and sugars – so be on your guard against temptation, and plan ahead.

December Blood Pressure Diet

Along the north-eastern seaboard apples, mushrooms, garlic and winter squash are in season. December also welcomes the first of the new season oranges from the southern states of Texas and Florida. California, where it is much milder, still has some seasonal soft fruits such as kiwi and guava. Onions, cabbage, sweet potatoes and some brassicas are also available in the southern states.

January Blood Pressure Diet

Your winter hypertension diet can include peas, spinach and collard greens, which  become more readily available during January. Sweet potatoes and winter squash are still in plentiful supply, and in the far south we start to see the first of the salad crops – lettuce, radish and celery.

February Blood Pressure Diet

It us the northern and mid-west states that are the most dormant this season and as we move into February vegetables that have been stored over the winter, such as parsnips and apples tend to dominate the menu. It is really only a few states that are producing any new seasonal crops – for example, Texas has broccoli, cauliflower and winter squash while Arizona has kale and leeks.

Some heart healthy vegetarian recipes that can be made this season include:

parsnip and apple soup

curried winter squash

sweet potato risotto

garlic mushrooms

root vegetable stew with orange lentils.

Winter squash is rich in magnesium and can contribute to lowering high blood pressure, and a deficiency in magnesium can lead to high blood pressure. Magnesium is available in most seeds and nuts. We see less sunshine in the winter months and mushrooms have vitamin D, and getting enough of Vit.D can help with healthy blood pressure levels.

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