Blood Pressure Chart, know your Reading

I remember being excited when checking my blood pressure readings at the chemists. It is quite thrilling to get all the readings, BMI, blood pressure and ideal weight from one machine.

I now find it better to own a blood pressure monitor and follow a chart. By keeping a blood pressure chart I am able to learn more about my body, and able to observe the various readings and monitor my health...

When you check your readings often, it inspires and motivates you towards better health. Make sure to stay in the healthy range ! The most important thing you can do to understand your health and your blood pressure numbers, is to measure your own blood pressure regularly at home. Use a home monitoring device.

Blood Pressure Chart

    Here are some guidelines to follow before taking a reading:
  • It is best taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach
  • Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee within half an hour of a reading
  • Use a blood pressure monitor that gives accurate readings
  • Keep a blood pressure monitoring chart
  • Write down the reading immediately

Stay tuned for blood pressure charts and other blood pressure related help.

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