Best Rated Walking Shoes !!

Included here are some of the best rated walking shoes available, and surely the right pair of shoes can motivate you to walk that extra mile.

So for any ambitious hikers out there, one of the fastest and  most effective ways to combat high blood pressure is getting your feet into the right shoes.

Bringing regular exercise into your daily routine can be difficult, especially if you’ve lived this far with little to no exercise, or you don’t have very much time to yourself.


Walking is highly effective and is gradually becoming a very popular choice for people who want to reduce their high blood pressure. Also because it’s not so demanding in many ways as many exercise options.

There’s no high priced gym membership if you choose to go walking one weekend, and once you purchase a pair of suitable walking shoes, there isn’t a list of expensive equipment to buy.

Walking is a healthy way to spend a couple of hours or even a day and is a gentle introduction to regular exercise rather than jumping in at the deep end and taking up weight training for example. You can set your own pace and involve other people if you get bored easily, making it a social exercise option!

Shoe Choice


The importance of choosing an appropriate walking shoe cannot be emphasized enough noting how important it is for anybody who plans to walk regularly. Having an uncomfortable or unsuitable pair of walking shoes can not only cut your walk short, but also damage your feet enough that you may have to keep from another hike for a couple of weeks.

Rather than automatically choosing the lightest walking boot available because it seems like less to haul around with you, consider the terrain you’re going to be walking on. If it’s rough you must have a walking shoe that protects your foot from rocks, water and the cold.

The key tips for deciding whether a walking boot fits you as suggested by the Walking and Hiking Society are:

1.Speak to a professional outdoor shoe specialist who can identify the weaker parts of your foot. Perhaps you have flat or weak arches, in which case you should buy a boot that will support that area more than others.

2.Make sure you can move your foot easily and flex your toes within the shoes. It should feel snug, but not constrictive.

3.The best rated walking shoes have heels that are flat because the average walker will put that area of the shoe and their foot under the most pressure.

A good walking shoe greatly enhances the experience of a walker and, in addition to safety and comfort, it can also be great to look at. Below, we highlight some of the most highly rated walking shoes in the UK.

The Contenders Amongst The Best Rated Walking Shoes


The top honours for the best rated walking shoes in the UK go to Merrell. Merrell shoes have consistently stood out for quality, durability and comfort. An example is the Women’s Merrell Chameleon Arc Gore-Text Pewter Shoes. Available in grey and blue colours, this shoe weighs just slightly above 1lb and is packed with features that guarantee comfort and safety. Not only is this shoe waterproof, it is also fully ventilated through its mesh uppers. It has a moulded heel to help absorb shock and, for a good grip on walking surfaces, it is fitted with 4mm treads.

Salomon Exit Peak

Another shoe that fights for top honours in the UK market is the Men’s Salomon Exit Peak. Weighing in at slightly below 400 grams, this shoe is made with serious comfort and security considerations in mind. The walker’s grip is guaranteed by the Contagrip Outsole while the inside is lined with textile to keep feet comfortable. This is a durable shoe as it is made of suede leather while the mixture of dark clay and autobahn makes it a very nice looking shoe. Moreover, it is quite reasonably priced.


Avia offer a different variety of walking shoe, which are more suitable for light, regular walking on urban terrain. They have a range of walking shoes, all at very reasonable prices, which are perfect if you’re new to the walking scene and want something that looks like a trainer but gives you a little more support. Avia’s shoes aren’t suitable for any heavy hiking or rough terrain, but they offer options for both men and women.

MBT One of the best rated walking shoes

MBT are another company that provide some of the more affordable and lightweight walking shoe options are another of the best rated walking shoes manufacturers. They focus on helping your posture while you walk with their unique shape with a rounded soul that distributes weight more evenly across your foot when you walk and avoids extra strain on your spine and back muscles.

Choices to make of the best rated walking shoes..

One of the most important considerations in the choice of a walking shoe is the kind of terrain you intend to walk on as well as the shape of your feet. Other considerations are the weather conditions you will be walking in and the frequency of the walks.

Fortunately for walkers today, advances in technology have made it possible for manufacturers to produce ever more sophisticated shoes at relatively reasonable costs and, if you take care in looking for the right shoe, you will find one that works just great for you.

In choosing a walking shoe, remember that the shoe that will serve you well when you handle the tough terrain in the winter jungle might be too heavy and uncomfortable for your after-work summer walks.

Hiking boots would be ideal for the winter adventure as they are made with the terrain and weather in mind while lighter shoes should be chosen for the evening walks.

The important thing when selecting walking shoes is to make sure that they are comfortable, adequate for the function you intend to put them to and that they do not expose you to the risk of injury.

When all is said and done, you can only make the correct choice of walking shoes when you know what your specific needs are.

Some brand names (such as the ones we have identified above) are also known to deliver consistent quality and with them you are unlikely to go wrong.

Some light weight yoga shoes are great for walking. Choose wisely amongst only the best rated walking shoes, and enjoy, your daily walks !

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