The Best Blood Pressure Monitors
Control High Blood Pressure

What do we look for when buying the best blood pressure monitors ? – Have a look at the affordable blood pressure monitors and some of the best home blood pressure monitors including the new, popular Omron blood pressure cuffs.

Here are some valuable tips to help you choose.

Manual and Electric Blood Pressure Monitors

There are two kinds of monitors; the manual ones, which are often cheap, and electric ones which come at a higher price because of their precision and extras.

The best gadgets are those that have additional features that will help you deal with your blood pressure as effectively as possible. Such features include time and date features, pulse counter and the ability to keep your data for record keeping and reference.

Monitors run on batteries

Some manufacturers go a step further and offer their monitors with warranties that can be quite helpful. Other notable features are extra batteries, a good carrying case, and an alarm system. A color coded alarm system is another feature to note and it works by assigning different colors to normal blood pressure, prehypertension and hypertension.

Aneroid and Digital blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure monitors are available in a variety of models. Not only do they vary in size and shape, the technologies used to make them also varies and what is ideal for one person could prove inadequate for another user.


Digital monitors make use of advanced modern technology and are ideal for people who do not know how to get accurate readings from their blood pressure monitors.


Aneroid monitors on the other hand use old technology and they function by indicating the degree of your blood pressure by use of an arrow.

Digital monitors are more user-friendly and accurate as the measurement comes in the form of digital numbers.

The best blood pressure monitors also come with the Intelligense feature which is very helpful in letting you know if the position of your cuff has been done correctly.

Finger, upper arm and wrist monitors
Upper arm monitor

The best of these three is the upper arm monitor as it detects the pressure easily after being cuffed around the upper part of your arm.

Wrist monitor

... and although many experts think this one is not reliable, the problem can be solved if you chooose a good brand.

The finger monitor

...this one is plagued by inaccuracies so it might not be an ideal purchase. When choosing your monitor, it is advisable to choose one with automatic functions.

Abnormal blood pressure has been the cause of sleepless nights for thousands of people the world over. This has in turn has created the need for you to do your own blood pressure monitoring. Today you have the best to choose from !

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