Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor

best blood pressure monitor

If you’re in the market for a blood pressure monitor, here’s the list of some of the best home blood pressure monitors with their pros and cons.

The right monitor for you depends on whether you want portability, hi-tech options or GP recommended monitors, but all three have also been chosen because they give highly accurate readings and have been validated by leading British medical authorities.

Omron HEM-790 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

The HEM-790 is one of the best home blood pressure monitors because it offers all-round performance. It is self-inflating and designed for the upper arm and even has software for entering your blood pressure results into your personal computer to find patterns in your recordings. Unfortunately you have to pay for the accuracy the HEM-790 delivers, although the slightly higher price tag might be worth it for one of the highest rated blood pressure monitors.

HEM-790 Multiple Users

Omron have developed the HEM-790 to save settings for use by more than one person and to be fitted with different size cuffs for comfortable use. Unfortunately some less technologically able users find it a little tricky to operate due to the range of options and slightly over-complicated interface, but it’s proclaimed to be one of the most accurate and highest performing monitors by the British Hypertension Society.

A&D UA 787 Plus Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Slightly less of a hit to your wallet but still near the top of the list of home blood pressure monitors is the A&D, which is well known for accuracy. Once again self-inflating, the A&D has an ‘easy-fit cuff’, which should be one size fits all. However, the few complaints there have been over this device is that it doesn’t fit all and the cuff isn’t detachable or replaceable. If you don’t consider that a problem, the UA 787 has been voted one of the best value for money and easy to use blood pressure monitors by the Daily Mail and leading medical experts. Most promising of reviews was from a nurse who said “[I] use sophisticated blood pressure monitors all day. This machine has the best cuff I have come across.” So the A&D has the thumbs up from the professionals!

HoMedics BPA-200 TheraP Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Finally, the BPA-200 is Homedics offering to the blood pressure monitoring market. Although there have been some reports of inaccurate readings, most users of the BPA-200 have found no problems with the consistency of the readings. What makes the BPA-200 special is that it boasts one of the largest screens of home blood pressure monitors on the market, so is particularly appropriate for elder users. The BPA-200 automatically compares readings with levels of the World Health Organisation and can warn users of the threat of hypertension.

Here is a devise that could revolutionize blood pressure monitoring. It might not be the most hi-tech of monitors, but it earns its place in the best home blood pressure monitors short list because of that simplicity. Many users don’t want fancy gadgets, they want a device the does the job without making a fuss!

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