Best Diet On Earth

The 'best diet on earth' - title may seem a bit far fetched, but it is a good book.  It is all about using readily available foods as medicine.

The Best Diet On Earth by Linda Levy and Francine Grabowski is a fantastic way to address your nutritional needs, keep your weight in check and lead a healthy life.

There are forty super fast and delicious starter recipes, and good practical tips. Francine Grabowski is an expert nutritional councelor and has indepth knowledge of how to shed excess weight and to stay fit. You learn to use ordinary ingredients which are readily available to bring down weight and reduce high blood pressure. Linda Levy does add her sense of humor to this serious topic.

As a co-author of another health bestseller ‘Low-Fat Living for Real People’, she has contributed to ‘The Best Diet on Earth’ keeping in mind the need for simple solutions to meet the health complexities all around today. Based on the DASH diet, the book extols simple dietary approaches to curb the onslaught of hypertension and associated health conditions. The solutions and recipes work as remedies for all diseases, while also addressing stroke, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and a number of cancer types.

As a medication alternative for people suffering the many limitations of hypertension, the endeavor is to mix humor and food tips thus making diet planning an enjoyable affair. The book also covers a number of facts and myths on the various food types commonly consumed. There are sample diet plans that can be further customized to suit taste, the advice of your medical practitioner and local availability of ingredients. The suggested fortnightly and monthly meal plans are all very easy to put together and healthy on the internal systems suffering due to the surge in blood pressure.

From delicious recipes with lean meat and fish, to fresh salad mixes that can also be incorporated in sandwiches and waffles, the recipes are all tried and tested and a hit with many people who are already adhering to the rules set.

‘Best Diet on Earth’ by Linda Levy and Francine Grabowsky also offers alternate meals within each diet plan to cater to each person’s individual needs to satisfy the taste buds while combating the health condition.

The easy to follow guidelines and factual info on hypertension (if left untreated) leaves no scope for any type of misinterpretation of the condition on hand.For details on this book click here.

To this end the book is no less than a passive medical practitioner! It takes little or no time at all for the reader to adopt a pattern inclusive of healthy eating and qualitative high blood pressure free living.

The book ‘Best Diet on Earth’ correctly cites that all the help you need is all around you, all that you need is insight and the right vision to be able to identify the problem, act in time and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The sacrifices with regards to the elimination of red meats and fatty dairy products are only to added health and longevity.

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