Practice The Best Ab Exercises

Here are some of the best ab exercises to reduce weight and lower blood pressure. Exercise is crucial to lowering high blood pressure and highly effective when practiced regularly. This selection of the best ab exercises along with yoga, can help you reduce weight and stress and lead to lower blood pressure.

Practice all exercises on an empty stomach or at least a couple of hours after a meal. We include some tips which are especially good in reducing abdominal fat. Excess fat in this area may eventually lead to high blood pressure, so here given below is an effective way to avoid it.

Single Leg Lifts


Lie down on a firm surface - mat on the floor.Keep you legs straight with palms facing down alongside the body.Chin tucked in and feet flexed.MethodWhile breathing in, raise the right leg gently, until straight up.Hold the breathe.Breathing out bring the leg gently down.Repeat with left legx 5 rounds to start with and gradually increase.

Double Leg Lifts

The abdomen muscles get firm, toned and strong making it definitely the best ab exercise. Even your back gets stronger. After a few days of single leg lifts, when you abdomen muscles and the back get strong, you may move on to this:Place your hands under the hips with palms downThe rest of the posture is the same.Gently raise both legs up as you breathe in.Hold the breathe.Breathing out, bring both legs down gently.

Practice this regularly before meal times, and watch the results unfold ! This is quite a basic exercise and definitely one of the best ab exercises ! You might find raising both legs together a bit difficult at first, but it does get easier when the abdominal muscles get strengthened with practice.

Walk Tall

At all times - keep your spine stretched up. Straightening up will help tuck the abdomen in.

This ab exercise makes you straighten up and strengthens all the abdominal muscles and neck and shoulder region as well. Just remember to take a breadth in, every time you stretch your arms up.

  • Standing or sitting with feet firmly on the ground.
  • Bring both arms straight up over the top of the head.
  • Bring the palms together. Palms gently touching.
  • Begin by breathing in and stretching higher !
  • Bring the chin in towards the throat.
  • Breathe in deeply and breath out slowly.
  • Do this until the arms start getting tired.
  • Bring your arms down slowly.
  • Continue keeping your back stretched up.

then relax.

You can do this while at your work desk. You may breathe in for 5 seconds Breathe out for 10 seconds.


Cycling is one of the best ab exercises as it is fun and energizing as well. In the Netherlands people of all ages stay slim and healthy and have strong and toned muscles. This is inspite of their love of chocolates and cakes. Cycling is the secret !

Cycling tones and strengthens the abdomen muscles, and also the legs, back and arm muscles. It is a great exercise to strengthen the heart muscles which in turn lowers the blood pressure. Cycling gets you outdoors and you breathe the fresh air. It could be counted as one of the best ab exercises and it costs nothing - if you have a bike.

  • Motivate yourself to bike.
  • There are many bicycle clubs. Or you could form your own neighbourhood club !
  • Get yourself some bike maps, get set go...

Get your family or friends to join you in cycling and have fun while attempting the best ab exercises ! You do not have to do endless, painful sit-ups. Just cycle. Cycling exercise reduces stress especially if you go cycling in the countryside.

If you wish to do some other ab exercises here are some:

Abdominal exercises are very effective and work on the whole abdominal region the stomach and intestines. They help strengthen firm and tone the abdominal muscles. They keep the body healthy and protect the spine. Another advantage of these exercises is that they do not require one to go to the gym. They can also be done in a very short time for example two to five minutes before meal times.

Standard Sit Ups: lie on a mat on the floor. Bend your knees. Interlock your hands behind your head. As you breathe in, lift your upper body and and twist to the left. Exhale down. Inhale lift and twist to the right. Repeat 5 times for each side.

If you really need motivation, some of the best ab exercises may be practiced in your local gym. Remember to get the guidance of a qualified trainer, to get you started.

Gym Exercises - best ab exercises

All gym exercises are started under supervision. Just inform the trainer about your needs and a schedule will usually be made specially for you.

Captain’s Chair

The captain’s chair uses a variety of exercises. Most people doubt whether they can exercise on the chair but it’s very possible. Here the exerciser sits up on the chair and uses it’s padding to support the back. It can be described as a rack with padded arms allowing the legs to hang free. It can be found in most health clubs and gyms. You are advised to avoid swinging the legs or using momentum to bring the legs up. The knees should be kept bent to focus more on the abdomin. The above exercises target more of the abdomen and the upper part of the body. They are not easy to do as such but with regularity and perseverance they are manageable.

Exercise Ball

You have to be strong to start this one ! Here you place your feet on the floor, sit at the edge and bend backwards. As you sit up, you will see the amount of pressure that is placed on the abdominal muscles.

Vertical Leg Crunch

The vertical leg crunch is where you lie on the floor extending the legs straight up with knees crossed and placing the hands on the floor for support. To make it more effective interlock the hands behind your head. Raise the head and shoulder off the ground as you breathe in. Drop your head back down as you breathe out. You may repeat this a few times. Very effective !

Torso Track

Another very effective exercise, the Torso Track, is about rolling out but not too far. When performing the Torso Track, care should be exercised as it can cause lower back pain.


Crunches are another part of the abdominal exercises. They are basic but highly effective and to make them so they should be done in a slow and controlled fashion allowing you to exhale as much as possible. They should be done on the back contracting the abdomen.

Long Arm Crunch

To begin with, the long arm crunch involves the hand and straightening the arms behind you. It adds a longer level to the move which emphasizes the upper part of the abdomen. Abdominal crunches are easy to do because they can be done on many surfaces for example, on a mat.

Reverse Crunch

The reverse crunch targets the lower part of the abdomen although it works on the entire intestines. The full vertical crunch targets the lower and the upper body which are fully involved. Another exercise, the abdominal roller, is found mostly in a gym. It provides neck and arm support.

Also Full Vertical Crunch and the Abdominal Roller and Plank.

Most of the exercises above work on the torso, lower abdomen and the legs. Maintaining a healthy weight is another of the benefits to exercise. Try using this simple three step approach


Drink plenty of water when doing exercises. Lack of water can lead to cramps. Correct your posture at all times. Keep a straight back while sitting, standing and walking. This can tone and strengthen the abdomen muscles like nothing else. Keep straightening up until you feel the abdomen being pulled in. Choose a firm chair to sit on while at work. A stool can work wonders. A straight spine will also keep us more awake and alert. As mentioned earlier, standing, sitting and walking straight is important, to keep the abdomen muscles working, and thus strengthen them.

You would not want to sit too long on a stool and this encourages getting up and walking around. Straightening up does not have to be uncomfortable. With practice the spine along with the muscles in the back get stronger. It does get easier with practice.

The most difficult part of any exercise routine, is the difficulty in getting started. If you need that little bit of extra encouragement, join a local gym to give yourself a kick start !

Stay tuned for more of the best ab exercises, and meanwhile learn more about the main components of physical fitness.

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