Benefits of Drinking Water And
High Blood Pressure

Water Therapy !

The benefits of drinking water are immense ! Water is a great therapy tool for most ailments. One of the very harmful effects of dehydration is irregular blood pressure.

A plant based high fibre diet is the right diet to help utilize the water you drink. Water helps waste matter move smotthly through the digestive tract.

Water For Healthy Blood Pressure

Dehydration can cause blood pressure to rise higher. Drinking water will hydrate the body to the right levels. Drinking more water than we need will not really help the situation. Even when the sodium content in the blood is high, water can help bring about a balance. Sodium retains water in the body to make a balance and it is that sodium that gets flushed out.

So high blood pressure can be avoided by drinking plenty of water. Water does not include tea, coffee, and sugary drinks. Most sugary drinks in fact dehydrate the body.

Water Fast To Reduce Blood Pressure

According to case studies submitted by leading naturopathic doctors, going on a water fast can help reduce high blood pressure.

Studies conducted by Goldamar A. in California, regarding the 'medically supervised water-only fasting in the treatment of hypertension' found that almost 90% of the subjects achieved blood pressure less than 140/90mm Hg by the end of the treatment programme. The conclusion is that this is a safe (when medically supervised) and effective means of normalizing blood pressure, and may assist in motivating health promoting diet and lifestyle changes.

Most disorders of body and of mind can be helped or avoided by drinking plenty of water. It is good to have a clear understanding about the importance and the health benefits of drinking water as water nourishes every cell of the body.

As mentioned above and according to leading Naturopathic Doctors, going on a water fast can help reduce high blood pressure the natural and easy way.

Story from India

Once in a village in South India a woman was bitten by a cobra. The local medicine man directed the people to draw buckets full of water from the nearby well, and pour it over her head. She even drank as much as she could ! They did this for about an hour. Many enthusiastic people joined in. By the end of it, her body was relieved of the poison, and she made a good recovery. This is quite an unusual event, but it just shows that village people do know how to utilize the power of water.


Drink plenty of water as it also helps in detoxifying the body. About 60% of the total body weight consists of water. In a newborn it might be as high as 75% and decreases as we age.

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