Avia walking shoes can help you walk, lose weight and lower blood pressure. They are quite comfortable and made especially for walking.

Avia walking shoes are considered top of the market when it comes to shoes suitable to majority of exercise activities.  Avia dont make walking boots suitable for hiking or rough terrain, but focus on the more gentle walking activities and shoes suitable for other sports.  Their style of shoes are a little limited compared to larger companies such as Merrell and MBT, the the amount of research they have made into creating the perfect walking shoe is unmatched.

If you have high blood pressure and are looking for an easy way to get some exercise, lower cholesterol and lose some weight, walking is a simple way to do all three without any extensive training or expensive equipment. Walking is a suitable way to fit exercise into a busy schedule with a quick jog or stroll in the morning before work or the evening after you get home, and is accessible for people who live in the centre of a busy city and can’t reach the rolling hills and mountains of the countryside.

Avia cater for busy people who are serious about walking, and use their research and knowledge of anatomy to develop shoes that give you as much of a work out as possible while looking after your body. They’re also easily affordable in various price ranges.

Special Walking Shoes For Men

Iquest Footwear

Avia have developed the iquest footwear, which uses a unique round soul to their shoes to help you develop your muscles just by walking. This is a good option for anyone who likes the idea of walking to exercise and keep their heart and body healthy but who hasn’t done any intensive exercise for a long time. By building the muscles in your legs, iquest shoes will make it less of a big step when you choose to increase the distance you want to walk.

Special Design

These shoes are available with a variety of helpful extras that you might not have thought of, such as anti-slip grip designed specifically for those damp, dewy mornings where, with a careless step you could slip and hurt yourself. The UK Rambler’s Association will be the first to warn you that choosing shoes that protect your feet is of the upmost importance, and Avia take this very seriously with walking shoes designed to support the arches of your feet. The ‘Anatomical Cradle’ style of shoe “...keeps your foot centred and cradled to maximize shock absorption” to ensure that you won’t damage your feet while you exercise.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for walking shoes and boots that are good enough to wear on weekends when you tramp through fields with sheep ! and wade through streams and puddles, Avia probably aren’t the best choice. Merrell offer a good range of sturdy and reliable hiking boots which are much more suitable. However, if you want to lower your blood pressure with everyday walking without travelling too far from home then Avia offers a wide range of comfortable shoes.

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