At Home Weight Loss Techniques

Let us begin with 'do at home weight loss techniques'. Bring more physical activity into your daily routine. These techniques involve both regular exercise and diet. The following are tips and techniques that you could use. Start the day with a drink of half a glass of warm lemon juice first thing in the morning. Use half a lemon.

High-fibre Diet

Go on a high fibre diet to lose weight and shed that fat faster.

Strengthen The Heart And Lose Weight

Brisk walking will help strengthen all the muscles of the body, including the heart muscles.

Walking with speed is a good cardio workout and will help you easily tone up your hips, legs and stomach. The good thing about walking is that it can easily fit into your daily program. Walking after an evening meal is good for health. One of the easiest ways to lose weight is by walking. Yes, even walking around the home and garden is a good way to keep fit. When you sit a lot and for long, your heart is not so happy. It needs to exercise to keep healthy. So find ways to keep active at home.


An Ayurvedic pill that can balance the energies of the body, make the digestive system function well and help to lose weight. Dose: 1 pill at night after food on alternative days.

Triphala Magic For Weight Loss

This is a good do at home weight loss tip : Take Triphala. A lot of times you might be inactive not because of choice, but because of lack of energy. Triphala is an ayurvedic plant based supplement and works like a magic pill. It boosts the energy of the body. The best way to boost your energy levels is to take such plant based supplements to speed up the body process. You will experience the benefits of the pill right away. This is something that can be used long term for general health. You can take a triphala pill every night for a week and after that you may take a pill on alternative days.

Tidy the house

A tidy home elevates the mind and inspires you to be more active. It brings positive energy into your homes. The most valuable and effective weight lose technique would involve being active around the home. There are so many simple yet effective exercises you can do either at home including regular household chores. According to feng shui it activates the wind energy and removes stagnating energy. So dusting and tidying is a good way to get active and feel good.

Cycling for groceries

Bicycling will help you lose 500 – 1000 calories per day depending on how fast you cycle. This is a real calorie burner and the good thing about it is that it can be quite enjoyable. Being an outdoor exercise it is quite refreshing. You can also invest in a quality exercise bike which will allow you to watch television or listen to the radio at the same time.

Swimming is another enjoyable and effective weight loss exercise. It burns up to 800 calories per hour and tones up the whole body.

Walking is one of the easiest ways to lose calories effortlessly. It is possible to lose up to 360 calories per hour by fast walking.

Dance Away Your Weight

Dancing is yet another enjoyable way of losing weight. You will be losing between 600 to 800 calories per hour when you dance. Besides losing calories it also helps to release stress. This would depend on the music as well.

Try out different fun and effective weight lose techniques around the house. Always think of more creative ways to keep fit and lose weight through exercises. Find ways and excuses to be physically active.

More at home weight loss techniques

Green tea is readily available these days and it helps along with exercise, to reduce weight. Studies show that apart from assisting in glucose regulation, green tea also helps reduce your appetite. You will thus eat less.


A fun way to lose that extra weight is by using chopsticks to eat your meals. This way you will be forced to eat slowly thus giving your brain more time to catch up with your stomach. Your brain will be immediately triggered when you get full thus reducing your chances of overeating.

Fun at home weight loss tip

Here is a fun and easy way to lose weight. It is on the spot jogging. It is one of the most effective exercises. By jogging you are able to lose upto 800 calories per hour, and you also get strong legs. You may do it along with clapping your hands. Clapping the hands activates all the nerve centres of the body. This makes the body healthy and able to function well. It energizes the surrounding atmosphere and can also rejuvenate the mind.

Strong Heart

Practicing at home weight loss techniques can be the best solution in the long run, to keep fit and stay trim. You do spend a lot of time at home and this can be organised well to your benefit. Constant exercise keeps the heart strong and healthy and is a good way to avoid high blood pressure.

    Weight loss Tip
  • A very successful way of losing weight is to drink a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning.
  • Warm water is preferable.
  • Drink a glass of warm water, just before bedtime.
  • Lemon juice along with daily exercise works wonders !
  • Eat cabbage soup before your regular meals for a better satiation

No.1 Tip For Do At Home Weight Loss

Yoga and other exercises can become your do at home weight loss techniques. Organize ways to get your family or neighbors involved. Group practices in most cases are great in motivating you to be consistent in your practice.

While at home and also during holidays there are several fun and enjoyable ways to lose weight.

Everybody needs to exercise or reduce weight. Whether we are healthy or slim, our body is designed to work and be active.

The good news is, that there are many ways you could lose that extra weight at home.

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