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Healthy Ways To Reduce Blood Pressure

Vegetarian article on nutrition: If you read any article on nutrition - for the most nutritious food to eat, then you're in for a treat - and a surprise.  The benefits are there.  Nutritious food not only keeps you healthy, but also keeps you enthusiastic and young at heart. So let's start of with a couple of foods that you surely know about.  The right nutrition will help to reduce blood pressure.

Top Tip Food And Nutrition

Nowadays, with chemical fertilizers and air pollution, the foods we eat are not half as nutritious as they were, about fifty years ago. So, take plant based supplements regularly to keep yourself energetic and enthusiastic, like a twenty year old.

Seaweeds - Vegetables From The Sea

Of all of the 90 or so minerals (that a well-researched article on nutrition says) that your body needs, seaweed contains a lot of them. Seaweeds have more minerals and vitamins than anything you can find on land, not to mention their richness in protein. And while you may revel in the thought of being able to run and jump around like a kid, you might also like to know that seaweeds are great for reducing stress as well as hyperactivity. Seaweeds can be added to soups and curries and that can taste wonderful.

Grains for Lasting Energy

Grains, especially the whole grains (rather than the refined ones) are also great sources of nutrients, not only in the types they contain, but also in the way those nutrients are absorbed. Amino acids, B vitamins and fiber are all part of the nutrient package, but the bonus is that your body absorbs these nutrients slowly so that the energy they provide lasts longer. This helps to keep you active and enthusiastic over longer periods, rather than the rapid ‘peak and trough’ effect of simple carbohydrates.

Calories or nutrients? Don’t mix them up

More generally, it’s important not to confuse nutrients and calories. Fast-food vendors for example make a big thing out of having the right amounts of different nutrients in their offerings, but are rather quieter about the fact that they are also packed with calories. A better proposition is to eat food with a lot of nutrients and relatively few calories.

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables generally do a great job in this sense. At the top of the honors list is kale, and its colleagues such as spinach, carrots, green beans and broccoli do well also, as do fruits such as all berries (excellent for nutrition), cantaloupe, citrus fruits, grapes and apples. Just remember to clean your teeth after eating naturally acidic fruits because the acid will attack tooth enamel over time.

Nuts, beans and peas

Nuts such as almonds, Brazil nuts and walnuts are also great for nutrients, but carry the calorie penalty as well. So eat them in moderation or at least in relation to the amount of calorie-burning exercise you do. Sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds are also all good sources of nutrients, and like nuts should be eaten raw. Don’t forget beans, such as soybeans, black beans and small white beans, and peas, such as chick peas and black-eyed peas.

The right oil for your eating and cooking


As we’re coming to understand better and better nowadays, not all fats are bad in terms of nutrients either. Olive oil may be the star of the “Mediterranean Diet” craze today, but it’s also been used to good effect since ancient times. Try pumpkin oil and flax oil as well for their beneficial nutrients without the nasties.

The good without the bad

And finally, this article on nutrition does not say you have to be a vegan, or even a vegetarian, but all the signs show that it’s a smart thing to do. It’s interesting to note that some foods typically considered the most suitable for adults (such as red meat) aren’t in this list because while they may bring their share of amino acids, they fall down in terms of fat and cholesterol content. There’s no point in taking certain on board to temporarily boost your energy if they come with a bunch of stuff that make you age prematurely.

Chocolate is not always good for you

Chocolate ! seems to get everyones full attention. Yes, raw and organic chocolate (this is an important qualification) can be healthy and nutritious, because of its high magnesium content and its anti-oxidant properties. The magnesium content helps to activate literally hundreds of processes that your body needs to run in order to stay healthy. The anti-oxidants eliminate the “free radical cells” that lead to anything from skin sagging to outright disease. Get rid of those free radical cells and youthfulness will be yours in more ways than one. But note that Chocolate can be bad for the brain cells - if taken in excess.

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