Alcohol And Blood Pressure

Alcohol And Blood Pressure don't go together. Infact, alcohol might not at all be good for your body. You would know if you were practicing either yoga asanas or meditation.

Good Alcohol For Body?

Some alcohols do have healing properties when taken in moderation. Throughout the ages, alcohol has been used successfully as medicine. Studies have shown that moderate drinkers remain quite healthy. This might be true for those who consume meat regularly. I do not believe that alcohol might be good for vegetarians and people on a vegetarian diet would not at all need alcohol like the meat eaters might. 

Most wines contain sulfite which is toxic to the body. Most beers contain preservatives and most inferior liquors contain different substances that could be generally unhealthy for the body, whether you have high blood pressure or not.

Advice from healthy blood pressure tips would be - start practicing yoga and meditation. Yoga is the best blood pressure exercise. Yoga and Meditation are considered really as food for the mind and spirit first ,and second for the body. You will begin to feel so good after every yoga session.

You might not be able to measure your progress with meditation, but believe me, it will do WONDERS to you. You will start living life to your full potential. If you have high blood pressure, it will get reduced with every session of yoga or meditation. A lot of times there are yoga schools in the West that teach "yoga". If the sessions are relaxing and meditative, and if you have a long relaxation or savasana as it is called, at the end of the session then that is one good sign that you are at a traditional yoga school. If not, keep away as it can do more harm than good. 

Alcohol and Blood Pressure

So in general alcohol is not recommended for those with high blood pressure. It simply does not go together, unless alcohol is used in moderation as medicine.

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