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About us : With experience gathered over the years we have collected together some of the easiest and excellent of ways to lower blood pressure and keep healthy. This site was born to share our expertise with you in the field of Yoga, Meditation, Yogic Detox, Ayurvedic treatments and diet, Yogic diet and various other natural treatments and vegetarian diets. We at www.healthy-blood-pressure-tips.com are totally committed to sharing with you only the safest and healthiest ways to remain healthy and to lower blood pressure.

I am a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Consultant and have been interested in promoting healthy living. I have to admit - I don't have high blood pressure - never had it! However, my husband has suffered from it, and is now back to normal - after he followed some healthy tips. I've been practicing Yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation since my teens, and have taught these disciplines since I was 21...

I did go on to work in a bank and later served full-time in an ashram. This practice has remained with me; with the experience gained over the years, I have gathered the best tools for a great and healthy life...

The healthy tips and techniques mentioned in this site are not difficult. There are innumerable success stories, and I've observed blood pressure plummet before my eyes. Yes, it is that simple. Believe me, you can lower blood pressure even in a matter of days, and keep it down without drugs.


I am also a Teacher of the Art of Living Foundation and enjoy conducting the 'All Round Training in Excellence' Courses and 'Youth Empowerment Seminars' for Kids and Teens. These courses provide tools to manage emotions and stress as well as help them dynamically navigate through adolescence. Body exercises, yoga and innovative breathing techniques are included in the course. An excellent way to prevent high blood pressure and other diseases is to start a healthy life at a young age.

Kids learn the importance of healthy eating and exercising. It is a good way to get them started in life, and help avoid high blood pressure and other diseases. I will be conducting these courses in various locations in Europe. Prevention is indeed better than cure. These courses were initially started in response to the global health and values crisis facing todays youth. Today it has progressed a great deal by reaching out to more young people worldwide.

This site comes out of years of experience in teaching a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet to both kids and adults. Our goal is for you and your kids to benefit from it.

All the contributions in this site are from family, friends and members of the Art of Living Foundation.


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