Best Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Take Food As Medicine - avoid high cholesterol foods. Choose the healthiest foods, foods rich in potassium, vegetarian foods with protein and foods that speed metabolism and help reduce weight.

There is such an abundance of good healthy foods that lower blood pressure. So eating right is the second easiest way after exercise, to reduce blood pressure. Infact they work together. Simply changing your diet a little can make a big difference. Many healthy food tips are included here.

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

To start with, a Dash Diet Menu is highly recommended. It is nothing to be afraid of just a 'dietary approach to stop hypertension'.

Some Eating Tips

  • Eat in a relaxing atmosphere
  • Eat while sitting
  • Eat slowly
  • Chew well
  • Relax after meals.

It is very important that you have a big meal, only if you can relax for at least thirty minutes after it.

Foods that lower blood pressure

Yes, lowering your blood pressure can be done by bringing in new habits and a better diet! This does not mean that you exclude certain foods from your diet, but rather, you increase gradually your intake of healthier foods.

Here are some foods to include in your diet to help reduce your blood pressure. You just have to include a bit more of these foods and lower your blood pressure.

Bean dishes instead of meat

Look for beans that contain high amounts of Magnesium and Potassium. Both of these elements are effective in lowering blood pressure. Some beans that you should include in your diet are kidney, lima, pinto, and black beans. Beans can be a bit difficult to digest and I suggest that you soak beans overnight before cooking. You may add ginger, onions and garlic which are very good foods that speed metabolism to your bean dishes.


Celery contains a one-of-a-kind oil that can help to regulate your blood pressure. This veggie helps to regulate the stream of blood within your arteries. Quick and easy tip to receive your share of celery : Wholemeal sandwiches with celery and cucumber.

Various kinds of teas have been known to reduce high blood pressure, and the best one seems to be green tea. Just a few cups of green tea every day will help to loose weight and lower blood pressure over a period of time.


Think of the heavenly taste of fruit that is ripe and juicy... sweet and ripe fruits are very therapeutic and excellent for health. Fruits and vegetables have medicinal properties and are highly recommended. Raw fruit will naturally not have the same effect, though it might have other good properties. Some fruits when eaten raw can be hard on the digestive system. So eat them ripe !

Red grapes, bananas, and avocados are particularly helpful for lowering your blood pressure, due to the high amount of fructose they contain. These three fruits are also high in Potassium, which combats that coating of fat on the interior of the arteries' vascular wall.

It is not advisable to have a very high fruit intake, as it could increase your blood sugar and also lead to gain in weight. Fruit juices which are rich in sugar content are also best in limited quantities. If you exercise well and are very active this might not be such a problem.


According to clinical studies, there are several herbs that lower blood pressure. Most important ones include garlic and onion. There are several spices that lower blood pressure like chillies. They can help by reducing your cholesterol levels. Here are some more herbs for High Blood Pressure that you might be interested in using.


One unlikely food that can lower blood pressure, is all things coconut. Yes, coconut and coconut oils - with your daily dose of exercise - can work wonders on the body. You may try out some Asian cooking with coconut recipes. Coconut oil has received bad press before, but now light has been shed on its benefits, and it is considered one of the best cooking oils. So coconut oil is good for health, and may be used for cooking.


Soya can provide you with several health benefits, including the ability to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. It's mainly the "isoflavones" contained in the soy that provides you with this health benefit. It is an excellent vegetarian substitute for proteins and is a must on your list of foods that lower blood pressure.


Spinach is high in Magnesium, fiber, and Calcium which makes it a high nutrition rich food. The magnesium in the green leafy veggie helps to lower your blood pressure and thus it has an important place amongst foods that lower blood pressure.

Sweet potatoes

This one might surprise you, since it's a carbohydrate. Sweet potatoes are high in Potassium, which can combat the coating of fat contained on your arteries' vascular wall. This allows the arteries to control your blood pressure naturally. Sweet potatoes are one of the best of foods that lower blood pressure and have an abundance of Vitamin A and C. It is good for everyone.

Go vegetarian as frequently as possible

Vegetarian food is less fatty, and much easier on the digestive system. Here is a personal story on how to become a vegetarian. There are plenty of vegetarian options to choose from and this can be a big step to start your journey. The best way is to include more vegetarian protein sources in your diet rather than following the elimination method. Include more veggies !!

Chocolate (dark)

This might seem to be one of the most unlikely of foods that lower blood pressure ! But if you love chocolate, here's an excuse to eat some (only in moderation! ) The flavonoids in dark chocolate stimulate your body's production of nitric oxide. And that results in lowering your blood pressure - but, Studies also show that too much chocolate is bad for the brain.

Milk (Skim)

Harvard studies have found that, women who consumed more low fat milk and milk products, and diets rich in calcium, had lower risks of getting high blood pressure, and it helped to ease high blood pressure as well. And as an added bonus, skimmed milk contains only a fraction of the fat that full-fat milk has.

Before spending money on medications and treatments for high blood pressure, it is wise to choose healthy alternatives. We happened to visit Kenya as a student and got interested in African food. Here is something about African Food to lower blood pressure. If you can be a little creative in your cooking, choosing a healing diet such as an Ayurveda Diet can be of help. 'Ayurveda' means the science of life.

The above mentioned are only some of the many foods that lower blood pressure. Here is our list of the 10 Healthiest Foods

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