Art Of Breathing - Part 1 Course

Lower Blood Pressure and More

The Art Of Breathing course will show you ways to utilize the full capacity of your lungs. You will gain practical knowledge and learn breathing techniques to unlock your deepest potential. You will be pleased to experience the many benefits like giving health, healing and fullness to life. Whether you are happy and successful or feeling the pressure of hypertension and ill health, stress, grief, disappointments, failure, every participant of this course comes away feeling lighter. You learn effective techniques for releasing mental and physical stress, and increasing your health, energy, peace, self knowledge, awareness and joy.

Illnesses like blood pressure arise out of stress, and much of the stress and limitations in life come from the yo-yo mind, vacillating between the regret of the past or worry about the future. In this course you will experience the joy of the 'present'. A remarkable feature of the course is that you will be able to re-discover the joys of just living every moment.

This breathing technique as the name suggests teaches the right way to unlock your full potential. You will learn these simple yet powerful techniques which you can use everyday for your daily practice. All around the world extraordinary group sessions are available for you to join in and do a bit more advanced practice.

Healing Breath - Sudarsan Kriya

The highlight of this special breathing course is a powerful and yet simple to do breathing technique called the Sudarsan Kriya or healing breath. For more details please contact us.

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